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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Full House 2.0?

Today's edition of TUBE TALK THURSDAY is being posted at a time in which some news is reportedly breaking in the entertainment world.  News that could figuratively resurrect a sitcom that last aired almost 20 years ago.

If you've kept up with the recent news in the world of entertainment, you'll know that the television show "Full House" is making a lot of headlines recently.  It started with John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier filming a couple of commercials for Oikos Greek Yogurt for the Super Bowl.  Then we saw Candace Cameron Bure competing on "Dancing With The Stars". 

Now comes the news that after nearly twenty years off the air, there are plans to revive the television show "Full House".

Don't believe me?  Read all about it HERE

Admittedly, this idea might sound a little bit bizarre to everyone reading this.  This show idea is not a planned spin-off show, but a continuation of where the show left off when the series aired its final episode in May 1995.  This would mean that if the new show is given the all-clear to go ahead, D.J. would be pushing 40, Stephanie would be in her thirties, and Michelle would be in her late twenties.

And probably still unable to say the words "ice cream".

It's reported that Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin - D.J. and Stephanie - have already expressed interest in the project, as has Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler.  Bob Saget and Dave Coulier may also be confirmed to be a part of the venture as well.  Still no word on John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, or the Olsen Twins yet.  But, then again, I suppose that if they did a show where D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy were the parental figures helping D.J. raise her kids after her husband died, it could be an interesting way to pay tribute to the show with a reverse twist.

Truth be told, that's the only way that I can see this new "Full House" working.  That way, Danny, Joey, and Jesse could make guest appearances, and even Michelle could drop in every once in a while. 

It may sound farfetched...but keep in mind that they did the same thing with "Boy Meets World".  Everyone thought that the show was dead and buried when it went off the air in 2000, but Disney found a way to bring it back with Cory and Topanga as parents of a girl who is just entering the world of middle school.  It's a show known as "Girl Meets World", and it has recently been renewed for a second season.

So, maybe this could be a new trend...picking up where old shows left off. 

And, it got me thinking about a rather interesting idea for the Tube Talk Thursday discussion.  What would happen if we took shows that were cancelled ten, twenty, thirty years ago, and we did the same exact thing that "Boy Meets World" did, and that "Full House" could possibly be doing, and speculate what the characters have done since the show went off the air?

Granted, some shows would never get off the ground.  In the case of "Diff'rent Strokes", three-quarters of the main cast are now deceased.  But there are loads of other programs that we can choose from. 

Like, for instance...


Sadly, Dixie Carter would not be a part of this venture, as she passed away four years ago.  However, I could see the series picking up after Julia Sugarbaker's funeral.  You would see Suzanne, Mari Jo, and Charlene coming back to pay their respects.  I could also bring back in Allison and Carlene to stir things up.  I could see Suzanne and Allison battling each other over control of Sugarbaker's Designs.  This plot might seem more like a drama than a comedy, but somehow, I could see it being funny.

The only thing missing aside from Julia would be Anthony.  Sadly, Meshach Taylor died earlier this year.


Okay, you all know that Lifetime is planning on making a behind the scenes movie about what really happened on the set of "Saved By The Bell".  But many were disappointed that they wouldn't be making a reunion movie about the show.  So, it got me thinking that had Saved By The Bell gone on, and showed the gang some 25 years later, what would it be like?

Would Zack and Kelly still be married, or would they have split up?
Would Screech become principal of Bayside High?
Is Jessie over her caffeine pill addiction?
Has Lisa gotten a restraining order against Screech?
Has Slater found something to do other than wrestling?

So many questions still remaining unanswered...


When Hannah Montana last aired in 2010, she had revealed her secret to the world, and she was going to college with her best friend Lilly (or so the episode guide tells me).  Flash forward almost five years later, and something drastically happened along the way.  Join Miley as she makes the transition from young girl to young woman, as well as the struggles with maintaining a public persona without the Hannah Montana image.  There's going to be family drama.  There's going to be singing.  There's going to be wrecking balls?


Okay, so if you remember the end of the show (which probably most of you don't because by the time the series ended in the late 1990s, it had gotten so stupid and farfetched that you soon discovered that the youngest Winslow child disappearing into thin air was quite normal.  But one thing that did happen was that after years and years of rejection, Laura and Steve did try dating each other.  Imagine what might happen if they ended up getting married, and they had children.  And, imagine having Carl and Harriette living right next door.  And imagine that all of Steve and Laura's kids were nerdier than Steve!

Oh, wait...they actually did an episode where Carl had that nightmare.  Well, I suppose that they could make it a full spin-off.  All you'd need is to throw Eddie, Maxine, and Waldo Faldo into the mix and you'd have a show.

Just don't count on Bryton McClure to make an appearance.  He's on "The Young and the Restless" now.


It's been nearly fifteen years since Baywatch ended.  Sadly, I could still picture Mitch and C.J. still acting as lifeguards on the beach.  As well as possibly two of the Jersey Shore cast members, a former Mickey Mouse Club star, that guy that played Sly on "California Dreams", and Yoanna from "America's Next Top Model". 

Anyway, those are just some thoughts.  It's still unknown as to whether the "Full House" project will get up off the ground yet.  But, I'm sure that fans of the show will be interested no matter what.

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