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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The First Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

THURSDAY CONFESSION #21:  Today is the Pop Culture Addict’s Guide To Life’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

Although, it’s not really a confession as much as it is a revelation, but still, it’s something to celebrate! 

You’s my real confession.  I never expected to do this blog for an entire year, because I didn’t think that it would take off.  And yet, here I am, averaging 150 page views per day, and having over 45,000 page views total in the 366 days since I kicked off this blogging project.  Mind you, compared to other prolific bloggers as Perez Hilton or Dan Pearce from Single Dad Laughing, these numbers are small potatoes.  But, you know, the fact that people other than myself are reading my own personal exercise in self-awareness and self-esteem building tickles me to no end.

To think that it all began on May 24, 2011.  Prior to that date, I wrote down my thoughts and feelings in the Notes section on my own personal Facebook page.  I didn’t do it every day (as I’ve done here), but I shared some personal stories about myself, and it made me feel better.  The only problem was that my Facebook page is set in such a way that only people on my friends list could see them.  I needed a more public venue to share my thoughts and my work.  So, it dawned on me...what if I created a blog to showcase everything that goes through my head?  And, what if I insert pop culture references into each blog entry so that people could be entertained while they read?

And, what if by talking about my struggles and how I overcame them inspired others to face their problems head on and realize that they aren’t alone?

So, on May 24, 2011, I started off this blog with a little introductory message, as well as the very first entry in the Pop Culture Addict’s Guide To Life.  It was an entry about the secondary Simpsons character Ralph Wiggum, and how he actually helped me learn so much about myself.  If you click on this link HERE, you can read that entry...the one that kicked off this whole journey.

So, because it’s this blog’s first birthday, I knew that I had to do something special.  You see, I wanted to find a way to thank everyone who has supported this blogging venture this past year.  I really wanted to come up with a unique contest idea to get people reading the blog, and to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Unfortunately, my name is not Oprah Winfrey, and I can’t afford to give everyone who has read my blog a Matchbox car, let alone a real car.  So, unfortunately for this year at least, the prize will not be monetary in value.

However, the prize is a good one, because it will allow you to have almost complete control of the blog for an entire week.

Yes, you heard me right.


Now, there is one slight condition.  The Tuesday Timeline entry is NOT a part of the giveaway, as there’s a lot of research involved in selecting an event for the day.  However, the other six days will be controlled by YOU should you win!

Here’s how the prize will work.

There’s six theme days that you get to have control over.  Five of them will be YOUR TOPIC CHOICE.  The five days that you will choose the topic for will be...



For those five theme days, you choose the topic, and I will do up an entry on that topic.  It can be ANYTHING you want.  If you like Barbie dolls, I’ll do a Barbie entry.  If you want to see a blog entry on Van Halen, I’ll cover a Van Halen song.  It doesn’t matter if I love it, hate it, or haven’t seen it before.  If you want to see it, I’ll try my best to make it happen for you.

As for the Thursday Confessional, get to control that too.  Because for that day, I’m going to have YOU write my blog for me. 

Yes, the Thursday Confessional for that week will be of your own creation.  You can write whatever you want on whatever subject.  Don’t worry about spelling or grammar.  It’s your space to do with whatever you like.  Consider it a “Guest Blog”, so to speak.

So, that’s the prize.  You get to control almost every aspect of my blog for one whole week!  Does that sound like something that you want to participate in?

If so, keep reading.  The questions that you have to answer will be posted below, as well as the deadline for the contest and where to send the answers to the contest.

So, what exactly is this contest going to be?

Well, have you heard of a 1979 movie called “Scavenger Hunt”?  It was a movie that starred Cloris Leachman, Richard Benjamin, Tony Randall, and Vincent Price, and the main plot of the movie was that a wealthy video game inventor passed away, and a group of his greedy relatives came to the funeral and will reading.  To their shock, they found that the only way they could inherit his multimillion dollar fortune, they had to compete in, and win a scavenger hunt.

It’s a very tough film to find on VHS, and there’s no DVD release as of yet, but I remember watching it on cable television one day, and I was easily amused by the movie.  If you can get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend it, just for the zaniness of it all.  In fact, if you type in Scavenger Hunt 1979 on YouTube, as of right now, the whole movie is available to watch in several parts!

So, like the movie, I’m going to have a scavenger hunt of my own.

I’m going to post a series of clues.  Some will be videos, some will be pictures, and some will be cryptic descriptions.  These clues will correspond with a blog entry that I have done in the past.  It’s up to you to look at the clues, and find the blog entry that matches the clues.  Here’s an example of what I mean.

For instance, if one of the clues read something like “Find the blog entry in which you’d find Snoopy making a Sno-Cone”, then you’d have to find the entry that talks about Snoopy Sno-Cone machines.  And, if you read yesterday’s entry, you’d know that I talked about them there.  It’s just that simple.

Your job is to find the items described in the clues somewhere in the blog.  Some of the answers can be found by using the search engine that I’ve included in the top of the blog, but some clues will be harder than others. 

There are SIXTEEN clues in all.  What I need from you is to write down either the TITLE OF THE ENTRY or the DATE OF THE ENTRY you found the clue in, and send it to this e-mail address.

Please don’t post the answers on this blog entry, or on Facebook.  I want everyone to answer the questions, but I don’t want the answers posted.  Some of the answers will be from a couple of months ago, but some will be from when the blog first began, so be mindful of that.

The deadline for all entries will be June 30, 2012  August 15, 2012.  

So, good luck to everyone participating, and I hope that you have fun!

Enough blabbering on now.  It’s time for the questions.  And this scavenger hunt kicks off with a set of cryptic clues.  Enjoy!

01 – I’ve done a bit of experimentation with colours in some blog entries, but there’s only ONE blog entry where I have typed the entire post in BLUE.  Find this post.

02 - The TUESDAY TIMELINE feature was first implemented in January 2012.  And, I’ve taken a look back at quite a few different years.  I want you to give me the Tuesday Timeline which features the OLDEST date that I have traveled back in time to.

03 – I’ve done entries on PUNKY BREWSTER, FAMILY TIES, and SILVER SPOONS...but there’s only ONE entry that I have done where stars from all three shows have made appearances.  Not bad for a show that was only three and a half minutes long.  Find this entry.

04 – Do you remember a song in which a man ends up meeting a woman in a supermarket on Christmas Eve that became a hit in 1980?  I did an entry on this song.  Find it.

05 – Rick, Vanessa, Robin, Alex, Binky, and Iggy are all campers at this fictional camp run by an SCTV alumni.  If you can find the entry where they celebrate “Christmas In July”, you’ll have the answer to this clue.

This next section will feature a photo that I have posted somewhere in one of the blog entries that I have done in the past.  Your job is to find the entry where the photo appears.  And, keep in mind, you can use the search engine incorporated in this blog to help you if you need it.

06 – Find the entry with this photo.

07 – Find the entry with this photo.

08 – Find the entry with this photo.

09 – Find the entry with this photo.

10 – Find the entry with this photo.

The last part of this scavenger hunt will have a half-dozen video clips.  Like the photos, you’ll have to find the blog entry where the video first appeared.

11 – Which entry did this video appear in?

12 – Which entry did this video appear in?

13 – Which entry did this video appear in?

14 – Which entry did this video appear in?

15 – Which entry did this video appear in?

16 – Which entry did this video appear in?

Remember, all entries should be sent to and they must be received by JUNE 30, 2012. AUGUST 15, 2012.   Good luck!

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