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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Diary - Unscripted

This is another one of those Thursday Diary entries that is half typed and half written. I was inspired to jot a few pages of notes down and I've decided to share my thoughts in another edition of a real, honest interpretation of my Thursday Diary series.

It's unscripted, it's unedited (aside from the one goof-up I did on the last page), and it's about as rough a copy as one can get. Let's just say that recent events got me thinking.

April 18, 2013

This is going to be a piece that may appear to be very light on text, and very heavy on pictures. It's another attempt at a handwritten blog, and this time, I actually used a pen that WILL show up.

I was also listening to my iPod at the time, and will insert videos of the songs I was hearing while writing each page, as well as providing visuals of some photos to supplement each section.

I began writing this piece while I watched Big Brother Canada on television. When the commercials came on, I wrote page one as fast as I could. Here was the song that was playing at the time.

And, here's page one (to make it larger, just click on the image).

It took a while to compose page two, but this was the song that was playing on my iPod while I was writing the second part of my hand-written blog.

Part 2 begins now.

For the conclusion, I'm going to enter what I have learned from the events over the last few days.  I initially had the song included with this post as it was what I was listening to at the time, but listening to the lyrics, there's one part that might get some people bent out of shape.

If you want to know what the song was, it was Frente's "Ordinary Angels".  The introduction should clue you in as to why I decided not to use it...

I figured that I would try the handwritten notes once more because it got some positive feedback the first time I tried it out. Would you like to see more? Please let me know in the space below!

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