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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Concluding the Calendar - Video Style!


Well, here we are! The twenty-fifth and final day of THE POP CULTURE ADDICT'S ADVENT CALENDAR”! And, since this is the grand conclusion of the advent calendar, I thought that rather than use an ornament, I would go ahead and make the final day logo a Christmas angel that can be found on top of many Christmas trees all over the world!

I trust that most of you out there in the world are busy with Christmas celebrations and traditions. I know that my entire day is essentially booked up solid with Christmas dinner, Christmas gift exchanges, and Christmas traditions, so as a result, this particular entry is not going to be very long at all.

In fact, I'm actually kind of breathing a sigh of relief for today because in addition to it being Christmas Day, it is also time for a Whatever Wednesday entry. And, although some might not consider purple to be a colour that really represents Christmas (well, unless you happen to shun traditional Christmas decorations for a more modern look at the holiday), today's Clue character card happens to be Professor Plum!

Now, if you've been following along with the Whatever Wednesday feature, then you'll know exactly what that means. When I draw the Plum card, it means that I open up to all of you via a diary entry.

Or, in this case, a video blog entry.

Yeah, yeah...I know what you're saying. You're probably thinking that I'm a bit of a hypocrite doing a video blog entry for Christmas when just last week, I was wishing that people would actually put down the electronic devices so that they really could enjoy the holiday season with their loved ones.

Well, what if I told you that this video was actually filmed on Christmas Eve night at approximately 11:00pm? Technically, the video was not done on Christmas Day, so technically, I'm still holding true to my word!

(Though, I'm trying to figure out what to do for the Boxing Day video blog...I guess I'll have to wait until after midnight to film that one...or just write out an entry. And, I'm rambling when I really don't mean to. I blame it on an overdose of Terry's Chocolate Orange – the Mint edition.)

So, what's the subject of today's video blog entry? Well, a holiday greeting of course! Look! I even decided to wear my Christmas PJ's especially for the occasion!

Now, to end off this blog entry for today, I do once again want to wish all of you the very best for your holiday plans. I hope that you enjoy the blessings of the season, that you enjoy the company you're with, and that you stay safe on the roads as you make your way to your holiday destinations. And, I suppose that if you get some Christmas swag along the way, that's cool too, though it should never be the basis of a happy holiday.

I also want to continue showing support to those families who are still affected by the December 2013 ice storm which clobbered parts of Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, and parts of the United States. As I understand, some of you still do not have any power at your homes at all, and I just want to extend my thoughts to all of you, hoping that the lights come back on sooner rather than later. Believe me, as someone who lived through the Ice Storm of 1998, I sympathize.

And, with that comes the finale of the advent calendar for 2013. But, don't worry. This next week of entries will act as a countdown of sorts. Because in the last week of 2013, every single entry (barring the Tuesday Timeline) will feature either a movie, television show, event, or song that I feel defined this past year. Consider it a flashback of the year gone by. And, it will run from December 27, 2013 until January 2, 2014!


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