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Monday, December 15, 2014

Letters to Santa - FUNNY MONDAY Style

How many of you remember writing letters to Santa Claus as a child?  I think I probably have written my fair share as a kid.  Some of them were published in the newspaper, while others were sent to Santa's address in the North Pole.

I even know his postal code by heart.  H0H 0H0!  I honestly don't know if Santa is still accepting letters from children, as it is ten days before Christmas.  But, I guarantee you that if you did mail him a letter, if you were a good boy, you almost always got a reply back!

Of course, the vast majority of letters to Santa Claus contain items that all of us wanted for Christmas that year.  Most of mine contained requests for items that admittedly tested Santa's patience (not to mention bank account), but I have to admit it.  Whether I received the items I asked for or didn't, I still had fun writing the letter.

And this has inspired the topic for Day #15 of THE POP CULTURE ADDICT'S ADVENT CALENDAR.  Letters to Santa.

Well...letters to Santa with a FUNNY MONDAY twist to it.

That's right.  I have scourged the Internet for the funniest, weirdest, and just plain disturbing letters to Santa Claus ever penned.  Needless to say, I would never have the guts to be so bold in a letter to Santa Claus, but these fifteen children were.

As always, credit for the images displayed here go to Pinterest,, Huffington Post,, and

Okay, so let's see what some of these children requested on their Christmas lists, shall we?

1.  Either this kid wants to redecorate his bedroom, build the coolest tree fort ever, or open up a Chuck E. Cheese.

2.  Hey, at the age of one, did YOU know what would make you happy?  Apparently Jimmy Dean is the toddler whisperer...

3.  I like how this kid snuck in "something evil" among the various robot requests.  Could there possibly be a more obsessive child?

4.  Well, to be fair, this letter was likely written back in 2008 when Hannah Montana was still relevant and before Miley Cyrus made twerking a new dance craze...

5.  The handwriting is off, but I am fairly sure that this child meant to ask what the biggest cookie he's ever eaten.  Though, to be fair, I have never eaten a cootie.  For all I know, they could taste like chicken.

6.  I think "Jennifer" is a pseudonym for "Jillian Michaels".

7.  When your letter turns into a midterm exam, you know that it's not good.

8.  Such anger.

9.  If this person is really sincere about changing his ways, he could use that $5.3 billion to eliminate the debt that Ontario is currently in.  Just saying.

10.  True story.  I did ask for batteries in one of my letters to Santa.  This kid is one smart cookie, as far as I am concerned!

11.  Let's see...this kid wants to turn into a dragon, or wants to own a dragon, and then he wishes Santa a Happy Valentine's Day.  Yep, sounds legitimate.

12.  Can't write?  Let Walmart help.  At least this person took the economy into consideration and used the flyer for Walmart instead of Jared, Kay, or Zales.

13.  Is this a death threat?!?  Wow.

14.  I am guessing that this child did not get his Christmas wishes granted.  I am also guessing by the random uses of Comic Sans MS font that words were substituted in because the real words would make an elf blush.

15.  Interestingly enough, this was Santa's reply back to letter #14 - apparently it was so traumatic that Johnny changed his name to Susan. 

And, so ends another FUNNY MONDAY special, as well as the fifteenth day of the calendar.  Coming up tomorrow, another holiday themed Tuesday Timeline entry!

NOTE:  These letters may or may not be real.  Either way, they were still fun to read.

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