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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Sesame Street Quiz - Answers!

Okay, so around 48 hours ago, I inserted a special quiz into the blog in my Tuesday Timeline entry for November 10, 1969.  If you want, you can click HERE to revisit it...or just scroll down two entries.  It's up to you, really.

Anyway, the topic of the day was "Sesame Street", and on November 10, "Sesame Street" celebrated its 46th birthday.  And to commemorate the event, I created a 24-question quiz on "Sesame Street" along with a bonus question. 

Today, I thought I'd reveal the answers to those questions.  Besides, consider this an extra bonus entry for you chock filled with trivia about one of the most beloved educational programs ever!

1.  We all know what Oscar The Grouch looks like now...but when he first appeared on the show in 1969, what was different about him?

Well, apparently Oscar was once ORANGE!!!  I guess living in a trash can for all those years made his fur turn green!  Actually, I think the colour change was necessary because the lighting on the Sesame Street sets made Oscar's fur a little too bright.

INteresting fact:  Grover, the little blue monster was once green!

2.  Elmo is arguably one of the modern faces of "Sesame Street", but he actually went by a different name when he first debuted.  What was it?

Well, Elmo was once known as "Little Monster" when he was a non-talking character in the 1970s.  It wasn't until Kevin Clash joined the cast of the show in 1984 that Elmo got his well as his name!

3.  These pinball machine counting classics are always fun to watch.  And a singing group who had hits in the 1980s sang the pinball song.  Who is this group?

That would be Ruth, June, and Anita Pointer...otherwise known as "The Pointer Sisters", who had hits with "Fire", "I'm So Excited", and "Neutron Dance", among others.

4.  In 1983, a beloved character passed away, leaving the humans of "Sesame Street" to explain to Big Bird what death was.  Who was the character that died?

That would be Mr. Hooper, owner of Hooper's Store.  Actor Will Lee, who played the role, died in 1982.  The tribute episode aired in November 1983.

5.  Who does the voice of both BIg Bird and Oscar the Grouch?

That would be Carroll Spinney.

6.  Name the gigantic orange and white dog that would often pop up on "Sesame Street" in the earlier years.

That would be the character that I absolutely loved seeing on "Sesame Street" the most other than Cookie Monster!  The dog's name?  Barkley!

7.  Which "24" actor once appeared on "Sesame Street" as a child?

Kim Raver, who played Audrey Raines on the show "24" was on "Sesame Street" between 1975 and 1978.

8.  Who was the name of the Muppet character who hosted random game shows on "Sesame Street"?

The guy is named Guy Smiley.  And if you answered this question get NOTHING!  YAY!

9.  What natural disaster struck Sesame Street in 2012?

A hurricane.  It was to help kids who lived in the East Coast understand how to prepare for a natural disaster, as Superstorm Sandy was approaching around the time the episode aired.  Interestingly enough, another hurricane struck the street about 20 years earlier.

10.  What is the name of Bert's favourite pigeon?

Bert has MANY pigeons.  But his favourite one is named Bernice.

11.  What magic words does the Amazing Mumford say before casting a magic spell?


12.  Linda the Librarian had an interesting characteristic.  What was it?

Linda Bove, who played Linda, was deaf, and communicated only through American Sign Language.  Linda hasn't been seen on the show in years, but she taught many kids how to sign various things over the years.

13.  For years, nobody believed Big Bird when he said that he had a friend named Mr. Snuffleupagus.  What year did "Snuffy" finally reveal himself?  Hint:  It was during the 1980s, and I'm old enough to remember it.

For at least a dozen years, Snuffy kept himself hidden.  In fact, it wasn't until 1985 that the rest of the street got to meet him.  He wasn't a scary monster at all.  He was and remains very sweet!

14.  Which folk singer appeared as a regular cast member of "Sesame Street"?

Buffy Sainte-Marie appeared on the show from 1976-1981.  Her son also appeared on the show with her, and in one episode, Buffy breast-fed him on the air!  Of course, everything was covered!

15.  The birth of Maria and Luis' daughter, Gabriela also marked the final appearance of a long running human character.  Which one?

The birth of Gabriela marked the departure of David, who had been on the show since 1971.  In real life, the actor who played David - Northern Calloway - was in ill health, and he passed away shortly after that episode was taped, in January 1990.

16.  How many actors played the role of "Gordon" on "Sesame Street"?

Three.  Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, and Roscoe Orman.  Orman has served as Gordon the longest, joining the cast in 1974.

17.  Who is the Longest Serving Human character of "Sesame Street"?

Bob McGrath has been on "Sesame Street" since its 1969 debut!

18.  What are the names of the bugs that live in Ernie and Bert's flower bed?

The Twiddlebugs!!!

19.  During the 1980s, Luis had an alter ego that made the most out of "nothing".  Can you tell me what his alter ego name was?

He played Senor Zero.  It was a spoof of Zorro, only instead of the letter Z, he wrote the Number Zero.

20.  What was the name of the singing cowboy that had a worse memory than dory from "Finding Nemo"?

That would be Forgetful Jones.

21.  Which "evening Shade" actor played Mr. Noodle in the "Elmo's World" segments?

Michael Jeter played Mr. Noodle from 2000 until his death in 2003.

22.  What is the address number of the apartment building where many of the residents of "Sesame Street" call home?

They live on 123 Sesame Street.  Notable residents include Gordon and Susan, Bert and Ernie, and Bob.

23.  Which character's favourite shape is the triangle?

The Triangle Lover of Sesame Street is Telly Monster!

24.  Which character's name sounded like a United States President...only reversed?

That would be Roosevelt Franklin...who disappeared from the show sometime around 1980.


"Sesame Street" debuted on November 10.  But one human cast member happens to have a November 10 birthday.  Who was/is this person, and what role did/do they play?

This is a tricky one without Google, but the answer is this.  Actress Alaina Reed was born on November 10, 1946.  When she joined the cast of "Sesame Street" in 1976, she played the role of "Olivia", the little sister of Gordon.  She stayed on as Olivia until 1988, when she left the show permanently to act on the sitcom "227".  In 2009, there was talk of bringing Olivia back to the show, but sadly Alaina Reed passed away in December of that year at the age of 63 of breast cancer.

So, how did you do?

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