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Sunday, March 06, 2016

A History Of Friendship - PART ONE

Hey, everyone!  One of the things that I like about writing is the chance to really tell a story.  And, sometimes it's fun to imagine yourself as one of the characters inside your favourite book, television series, or movie, and write a fan fiction about it.

Five years ago, I wrote this tale...and I've decided that I want to share it publicly with the world.  I hope you like it.

The story is called "A HISTORY OF FRIENDSHIP", and it stars the cast of the Archies.  Hell, I've wrote so much about the Archies here that I may as well make this an Archie Comics blog!  But for now, enjoy Part One.

It was 2:55 in the afternoon at Riverdale High School.  Five minutes were all that stood in the way before the dawn of another weekend.  The only barrier standing in the way of the school bell ringing was the tail-end of Miss Grundy's history class.'
   And for the students in the class, all of them were thinking about the weekend, and all the plans they were making for it.
   “I hope Archie asks me out so we can go and see that new vampire movie”.  Betty Cooper thought.
   “I hope Archie asks me out so we can go and see that new vampire movie”.  Veronica Lodge dreamed, with a sly smile forming across her mouth.
   “I hope I have enough money to be able to see the new horror film with Jughead and the guys.”  Archie Andrews thought.
   Jughead Jones meanwhile was rubbing his stomach with a weird look on his face.  “I am so hungry!!!  Please let this class end so I can run over to Pop's.”
   “It's almost time to go, and Grundy hasn't assigned any homework yet.”  Reggie Mantle thought triumphantly.  “This weekend couldn't get any better.”
   “Class.”  Miss Grundy said.  “Before class lets out, I'd like to talk about today's homework assignment.”
   The entire class groaned.
   “I knew it was too good to be true.”  Reggie muttered.
   “Goodbye weekend.”  Midge Klump sighed.
   “Now, now.”  Miss Grundy said with a smile.  “I think you will all really enjoy this assignment.”
   “We also enjoy eating ice cream, but that doesn't mean we want it every day.”  Veronica piped up.
   “Speak for yourself, Ronnie.”  Jughead said.
   “Veronica, Jughead, enough.”  Miss Grundy said.  “And to anyone else who keeps interrupting, I'll keep the class in late until I explain the homework assignment in detail.”
   “What is the homework, Miss Grundy?”  Betty asked.
   “I'm glad you asked, Betty.”  Miss Grundy said.  “Since we just finished our unit on twentieth century history, I've designed a project for all of you to take part in.  I would like each one of you to bring in something from your homes that holds some significance in your life, or those of your families.  I'd also like you all to write a five hundred word composition about the item you bring in, and you will be asked to submit an oral presentation of your item.”
   “Sounds pretty cool.”  Chuck Clayton said.
   “Are there any restrictions as to what items we can bring?”  Archie asked.
   “Well, obviously no weapons or anything similar to that will be allowed.”  Miss Grundy said.  “But, as long as the item is from the twentieth century and has some sort of meaning for you or your family, you can bring in anything you wish.”
   As soon as Miss Grundy finished her statement, the sound of a ringing bell was heard throughout the school, and the students inside Miss Grundy's classroom stood up and headed towards the classroom door.
   “Okay, class, that's all for today.”  Miss Grundy said with a smile.  “Have a great weekend, and think about what you want to do for your project.  I want to start the oral reports on Friday the twenty-first, so you have one week to prepare your assignments.  Thank you.”
   Outside in the main hallway, Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Reggie gathered around the wall of lockers next to Miss Grundy's classroom door.
   “Can you believe Miss Grundy assigning us a homework assignment like that and expecting us to have it done in just a week?”  Reggie whined.  “Why couldn't she just give us a break from homework?”
   “Yeah, really.”  Veronica said.  “She always seems to want to take all the fun out of things, doesn't she?”
   “Come on, guys.”  Betty said.  “I think this assignment could be a lot of fun.”
   “Yeah.”  Jughead said.  “Imagine...doing a history assignment on anything that existed in the twentieth century.  I could do a project on the greatest junk foods of the last hundred years.  I might need more than 500 words to do it justice.”
   “Jughead, it's a project that's to demonstrate the history of the last one hundred years, not a project to see how much food you can eat.”  Archie said.
   “I can make food educational.”  Jughead said.
   “What are you going to bring in?”  Archie asked Betty.
   “I may bring in a couple of diaries from Lydia, the writer friend of mine who passed away some time ago.”  Betty said.  “Her accounts of her life as a teenager in the early twentieth century is beautiful, yet tragic at the same time.  I think people will be really moved.  How about you?”
   “I was thinking about bringing in my grandfather's old bagpipes to celebrate our Scottish history.”  Archie said.
   “Please don't entertain us with a song, Archie.  History class is already unbearable enough as it is.”  Reggie scoffed.
   “Har-dee-har-har.”  Archie said, sarcastically.
   “You're certainly in a mood.”  Veronica said.
   “I can't help it.”  Reggie said.  “It's bad enough Coach Kleats is doubling our football practice time in wake of the big Riverdale vs. Central homecoming game.  With Miss Grundy's history assignment, it's as if I don't have any moments to myself.”
   “Maybe you should bring along a bottle of glass cleaner along with your favourite mirror for your project so that you can make homework fun.”  Jughead said with a smirk on his face.
   “That's not a bad idea.”  Reggie said, smiling.
   “Reggie, I was kidding.”  Jughead said.
   “I wasn't.”  Reggie said.
   “You know, I think that we should get out of here.”  Veronica said.  “Archie, I'm going to let you buy me a shake at Pop's and then we'll work on our homework together.”
   “Veronica, first of all, it's a solo project, and secondly, Archie promised to buy me a shake during lunch.”  Betty said.
   “Why don't I just buy one shake, and put three straws inside of it like we always do?”  Archie asked.
   Betty and Veronica gave each other a look and walked towards the end of the hallway.
   Archie just shook his head.  “Was it something I said?”
   Reggie and Jughead exchanged a look.
   “Archie...I'd love to tell you all about the blunder you made, but I'm late for football practice.”  Reggie said.  “Bye.”
   As Reggie left, Archie turned towards Jughead.  “Jughead, what is it about women?”
   Jughead stared at Archie.  “You're asking ME?”
   Archie smiled.  “Nevermind, Jug.”  he said, realizing his mistake.  Look, I'd better go to Pop's...right after I hit the bank machine for enough money for three coming?”
   “Give me a second.”  Jughead said.  “I just realized that I have to grab a snack from my locker.”
   “Jughead, aren't we going to Pop's FOR a snack?”  Archie asked.
   “Well, I need something to eat on the way!”  Jughead said.
   Archie shook his head.  “I'll wait for you outside.”
   Archie turned around and headed towards the door while Jughead walked across the hall to open up his locker.  As Jughead fiddled around with the combination lock, he heard something coming from further down the hall.
   “Sounds like some people are more excited about the weekend than others.”  Jughead concluded.
   Then Jughead heard the sound of someone's voice yelling “Leave me alone!”
   Jughead immediately ran down the hall to investigate.  By the time he arrived at the end of the hall where the gymnasium was, all Jughead could see was a boy who looked like he was not having a good day.  Jughead recognized the boy as being in Miss Grundy's history class, but that was all that he knew of him, other than the fact that he had only arrived at Riverdale High a month prior to today.
   Jughead approached the boy.  “Hey, all right?”
   The boy refused to look at Jughead, instead staring down at his shoes.
   “I said...are you okay?”  Jughead said, coming closer.
   The boy started to back away and left the hallway without saying a word to Jughead, his feet making double time as he showed a facial expression that read 'I need to leave now'.
   “Wonder what that was about?”  Jughead wondered.

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