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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Pop Culture Addict Advent Calendar 2016 Schedule!

Tomorrow I will be beginning the POP CULTURE ADDICT'S ADVENT CALENDAR.  This year I'll be doing it a little differently.  Don't worry though...I'll still have lots of Christmas fun.  It's just that with the lack of time I have and the fact that over five years, I've blogged about almost everything Christmas, I'm going to make this more personal.

Here's the tentative schedule for the next 25 days.

SUNDAYS - Christmas Carol Sunday
MONDAYS - Christmas at School
TUESDAYS - Tuesday Timeline
WEDNESDAYS - Wednesday Wishes
FRIDAYS - Jem Reviewed!
SATURDAYS - Holiday Programming

To explain a couple of them - Christmas at School deals with various art projects, Christmas activities, and all the stuff we did when we were kids.  Wednesday Wishes are about some of things that I wanted for Christmas, as well as traditions associated with the holidays.  Thursdays are going to be a fun day as I point out that not everything about the holidays is enjoyable, and I select some items that I would be happy if they got rid of permanently.  And Saturdays, I'll talk about Christmas specials and Christmas movies.

The Tuesday and Friday entries won't change much.  And I'm actually kind of relieved that I can attempt to put a Christmas spin on three of the Jem Reviewed entries.  When we get to December 23, I'm going to have a LOT of issues, but I'll try to figure something out. 

So, that's the schedule.  And then once Christmas is over, I'll be doing a week long review on the Good and the Bad of 2016...or, in this case...maybe just the bad...

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