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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Truth About Myself - Conclusion

Hello, everybody.

I have to admit, I was struggling to try and find a way to conclude this five part series.  Over the last month, I've learned a lot about myself and what makes me who I am.  I've confronted some truths about myself that were hard to try and take, but at the same time they make me who I am.  I've found that there are some things that I like about myself, and there are some things that I don't like as much.

But one thing I do know is that I am who I am.  And those who truly understand me and like me will accept it.

I've come up with a lot of truths about myself.  I'm socially aloof, I think outside the box way more than others, and the way that I make connections with people is often by the seat of my pants where not even I know what I'm doing half the time!

And the final truth about myself comes at the same exact day that this blog celebrates its SIXTH anniversary.  How in the world have I been blogging this long and not gone crazy yet?  

As you all can see, I've changed the logo to celebrate the sixth anniversary of this blog.  I decided to do something different this time around and took all of the previous logos and stitched them together to make a retrospective banner.

I still can't believe that the original logo I made back in 2011 was drawn with gel pens in a couple of minutes!  I'm not sure what I was thinking at that time!

Anyway, you'll notice that the other change I made was with the font.  I chose a different one that made it easier to read.  Not that there was anything wrong with the old font...I just sort of like this one better.  Aside from that, I left it mostly the same.

To be honest, I thought about drastically changing the look completely as I have done a couple of times before.  Giving it a whole new look with new colours.  But this time around, I decided against it.  I like how it looks now.

And, I kind of like me how I am now.  Well, at least emotionally.  The physical part is something that can come with time.

But really, when I stop and think about how this blog has progressed and how far it has come, any of the changes I've made were mostly superficial.  Back in the infancy of this blog, I tried experimenting with different looks.  Much like when I was a young kid, trying different looks in hopes of getting people to talk with me, or play with me.  But over time, I began to realize that people weren't engaging with me because of how I looked.  It was more along the lines of the stories I could tell, or the jokes I could crack, or the wisdom I could bring forth.

(Well, okay...maybe my wisdom isn't THAT great.  But I still have my wisdom teeth...that's something, right?)

I guess this blog is the same way.  People don't come here because this blog looks great.  Truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs that look more well put together than mine.  But every single story that I have told.  Every cartoon that I have reviewed.  Every pop culture topic I've shared.  Every single time I've had a thought go through my head, I've posted it right here.  And I've done so for the last six years.  That isn't going to change.  It's not what it looks like, but the content that is within.

And that is the final truth.  It's not the outside of a person that makes a person intelligent, or wise, or handsome even.  It's the stuff that comes from within.

And although the truth is that I have a brain that thinks differently from others, a heart that feels things with more sensitivity than some people, and an exterior that admittedly could use some body work - I won't change my interior for any amount of money in the world.

Both in this blog, and within me.

I tell myself that by being who I am, I'll attract the people in my life who are meant to be there.  And I'll scare away the ones who don't!  But it's a truth that I've believed to be true for a while, and it's a truth that has most defined me.

Here's to the next six years, or for however long this lasts.

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