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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jem Reviewed - The Final Recap

That's the end?  Afraid so, my friends.  This is the final recap for the final season of Jem Reviewed.  And let's just say that there's a lot to talk about.  Season 3 was an abbreviated one where parts of the show didn't make much sense.  We also had the Stingers replace the Misfits as the main antagonists of the Holograms, which had mixed results.  And unlike the previous season reviews, I think I'm going to present this a little bit differently.

Before I do that, I should probably give you some links to any and all the previous links to past know, in case you missed some along the way.  Click on the different looking text to access the links to

And the following twelve links below will take you to all of the episode recaps for season three.

Now, because the third season was so short (and because the Misfits only appeared in like four episodes), I'm going to do the character profiles over the course of how they improved (or devolved) over the course of the series.  I'm going to rank them from worst to best, and I'm going to do main characters.  That's all the Holograms, Misfits, Stingers, and I'll even throw in Rio and Eric Raymond for fun.  By my calculations, that's a total of fourteen characters. (I thought about including Synergy here, but let's face it, she'd be an easy #1 anyway).  Let's begin by the character I can't stand the most.

14th Place:  Rio shocker here, right?  I mean, I've only practically made fun of him this whole series and inserted plant kicking references at every opportunity.  To be honest, I have no use for Rio.  Even though in every opportunity, Rio was dating Jerrica, it's hard to excuse the fact that he'd cheat on her with Jem (and Jaime in "Midsummer Night's Madness") at a drop of a JemStar earring.  His jealousy towards every male who got near Jerrica/Jem got tiring after a while, and he really just comes across as an arrogant jerk most times.  Sometimes I think he'd be better off chasing after Kimber.

13th Place:  Eric Raymond

I can I rank Eric above Rio?  His personality is so slimy that you'd think he was born in a vat of motor oil!  This is true.  But unlike Rio who always tries to make excuses for his jerky behaviour, at least Eric owns up to the fact that he's a complete jerk.  That honesty is why he's ranked higher than Rio.  Make no mistake though...I still can't stand him.

12th Place:  Rapture

There isn't really anything wrong with Rapture of the Stingers...but there's not a whole lot right either.  She's just...there.  I mean, yes, she has the ability to use hypnosis, she's skilled with magic, and can read tarot cards like nobody's business.  But that's really all she did.  Easily the Stinger with the weakest sting.

11th Place:  Jetta

On one hand, Jetta does personify the real meaning of the term Misfit.  She's such a Misfit that even her own parents seem ashamed of her and vice versa.  The problem is that Jetta is such a Misfit that she almost seems sociopathic in comparison to the other three.  From hiring people to smash Raya's dad's greenhouse to trying to scam her own bandmate out of millions, Jetta's unlikable personality leaves me wondering how she managed to stay in the Misfits in the first place!

10th Place:  Shana

I hate to rank Shana so low, mainly because she's probably one of the nicest characters in the whole show.  Her placement at #10 is merely because she was always shoved to the side in favour of Kimber and Raya quite often.  When she was heavily featured in a show, it was in a fashion themed one, like when she designed clothes in Venice, or helping Regine Cesaire out.  I wish that there was a way that they could have incorporated more of Shana into the show because she really deserved more.

9th Place:  Minx

Minx was one of the more complex characters in the whole series.  Even when she tried to be good after Rio saved her life, you could tell that it was either misguided, or that she really was causing mischief behind the goodness.  But I will give Minx a lot of credit.  She's fiercely loyal to those who respect her.  After all, she left a successful group to form the Stingers with Riot because she opened her heart and trusted him.  She didn't get a chance to do a whole lot in the series, but what she did was noticeable.  I mean, she even got to touch Techrat without him curling up into a ball!

8th Place:  Jem/Jerrica

I actually considered ranking her much lower than 8th, to be honest.  After all, she annoyed me in both of her identities and suffers from so much insecurity she has to adopt a second identity to boost her self-confidence.  And at times, she can be as selfish and pig-headed as a Misfit or a Stinger.  But you know, I have to give her props for being a foster mother to twelve kids (even though CPS should have taken them away on like seven different occasions), and running a successful record company.  And despite all of her flaws, she does have good intentions a lot of the time.  Though, I have to say that Rio and Jerrica deserve each other as do Jem and the person at #7.

7th Place:  Riot

Riot really surprised me.  He is one of two characters (the other one is at #5) who as the show progressed, I liked more and more.  He began the show as an arrogant rock god who believed that he could use manipulation to get anything and anyone he wanted - but by the end of the show, he became almost the polar opposite.  Sure, he still had confidence and swagger...but he also had humility and compassion - especially after Jem reunited him with his estranged father.  And as much as I hate to say this, I think Riot brought out more of the best in Jem than Rio ever could.

6th Place:  Roxy

I was really indecisive about Roxy when she first appeared on the show.  At first she was a sociopathic woman who didn't care who she hurt.  She was the second in command of the Misfits; she had more power than Stormer, but was portrayed more as Pizzazz's lackey a lot of the time.  But it wasn't until Roxy's secret of being illiterate came out that we learned just how rough Roxy really had it.  And it was Ba Nee's gift of a children's book that set Roxy on the path to self-improvement.  Roxy was already considered the most street smart of the's hoping that by the end of the series, she could improve her book smarts as well.  If any character deserved it, it was her.

5th Place:  Kimber

I DESPISED Kimber during the first season in which she changed boyfriends more than I change my underwear.  I mean, seriously, if you looked up indecisive in the dictionary, her photo would be right next to it.  Over the course of the series though, she went from being incredibly annoying to a character I felt major sympathy for.  Still not over the passing of her father, I can see how Kimber would have a hard time with finding a commitment with a man.  By the time she settled down with Sean Harrison, I have a feeling that moment was the one in which Kimber finally matured.  How outrageous is that?

4th Place:  Pizzazz

I'm really surprised I have Pizzazz ranked so high on this list - mainly because she's the quintessential spoiled brat (a type of personality I cannot stand).  Ah, but it's the reason why she became that way that makes me understand why she is the way she is.  She feels that if she can finally make something of herself, she can please her ungrateful father.  Her story is very tragic, and I feel like I have to rank her high just because her character is so complex.  That, plus she has some awesome one-liners.

3rd Place:  Stormer

Ah, Stormer.  The nice Misfit.  The pushover Misfit.  The Misfit that is secretly good.  It's a brilliant concept, don't you think?  Anyway, Stormer is probably even more complex than Pizzazz, because in many ways she is forced to hide who she really is in order to gain acceptance from the other Misfits.  When in actuality, if she just would be herself, she'd ironically be loved even more.  Both Ashley and Kimber can testify as to what a great person Stormer is, and even Aja has to admit that she's a good gal...after all, Aja is dating her brother.  Stormer is far from being a perfect angel though, and it's hard to excuse the fact that she makes mischief with the other Misfits...but deep down inside, anyone who knows the real Stormer knows that they've made a friend for life.

2nd Place:  Raya

I was torn between whether to have Raya and Aja as my favourite character of the whole series.  Both characters are awesome.  But I think the reason why Raya get the silver is because she sometimes has the tendency to be a little bit too much of a yes woman.  When Raya first came on the scene, she was a little timid, but had a fighting spirit that came out when she was really fired up.  I wish we got to see more of that in Season 3.  But Raya is definitely a loyal friend, a kind-hearted individual, and a talented drummer.  Easily the best choice the Holograms could have made to replace the then-departed Shana.

1st Place:  Aja

Aja is the most valuable player the Holograms have...and she's also my favourite character of the whole series.  She was calm, cool, and collected most of the time and only brought out the badass side of her whenever needed.  She could be counted on coming up with most of the brilliant ideas that the Holograms executed, and she's sort of the female version of Techrat - only better dressed and less creepy.  For someone who can take Synergy apart and find all the secrets inside of her, Aja would make a great detective.  And if you have kept track - aside from Raya, Aja is the only Hologram that NEVER LEFT THE BAND.  Extreme loyalty there.

All right, now it's time for the music portion of the recap...and like I did for the character profiles, I'll be posting songs that I loved, and songs that I didn't love.  This time around, I won't exactly be talking about the songs.  I figure the videos are more than enough.  Instead, I'll post links to all the videos, and you can click on them to see what the cream of the crop well as the worst of the worst.

I've selected fifteen songs in total for my like list (five from each season), and ten from the worst.  Agree with my lists?  Please comment on it below.


Yes...I make no apologies...I LOVE the Misfits.  80% of my Top 5 are Misfits songs.  That said, I do have some Jem and Stingers songs on there.  I even have Ba Nee's ode to her father.  Love the show or not, Britta Phillips, Ellen Bernfeld, Gordon Grody, Vicki Sue Robinson, Diva Grey, Florence Warner, and all of the other talented vocalists did a phenomenal job!

Even on the tunes that I really didn't like so much...they sang their hearts out!  And the ten songs that I didn't like from bad to worst are as follows...


Interesting how I find some of the worst songs of the series to be from the latter half of the show as opposed to the beginning.  Nothing against the singers, but perhaps the songwriting took a nosedive as the show headed towards cancellation?  Who can say, really?  Just something I noticed.

And now we come to the episode discussion.  And since we had an abbreviated season for the final one, I'll go ahead and do three episodes I liked and three episodes I hated. 


1.  Episode 64:  Riot's Hope - This was the episode that made me start to see Riot as more than an arrogant rock star.  The story behind how the Stingers formed was very interesting, and unlike Jem and the Holograms, the Stingers really had to work hard to get their success.  That's to be applauded.

2.  Episode 61:  That Old Houdini Magic - Okay, so maybe my love of Harry Houdini is clouding my judgment here, but I will say this...the storyline was very unique and presented well.  I really liked the climax of the show where Astral saved Rapture from drowning after the trick went out of control and Rapture had to eat a giant slice of humble pie. 

3.  Episode 65:  A Father Should Be - All right, so this episode was far from being the perfect finale...however seeing Ba Nee finally reunited with the father she dreamed of finding.  That moment was easily one of the most touching moments of the whole series. 


1.  Episode 59: Midsummer Night's Madness - This episode was one hundred percent crap.  I mean, it's bad enough that I had to be subjected to the Riot/Jem/Rio/Jerrica rectangle that was really only a triangle.  But having Synergy transform Jerrica into Jamie to teach her a lesson only served to cause even more confusion and totally wrecked the episode.  The Stingers' B-plot was lame as well.

2.  Episode 60: The Day The Music Died -  Okay, so maybe hate is a strong word to describe my feelings about this episode.  The episode did have the strongest music of the lot.  But the whole way that the Starlight empire crumbled after Riot took Jem on an island getaway where they became Survivor just seemed way too unbelievable.  And it made everybody look like a complete moron.

3.  Episode 56: Video Wars - The Misfits got hosed this season.  I mean, they really did get forced back to background status so that the Stingers could be featured more.  And on the one rare occasion that the Misfits headlined a show, they were overshadowed by Clash, who came up with a plot so twisted that in the end, she was left all alone without a friend in the world.  It's really one of the few episodes with a bitter ending, and honestly, it could have been done so much better.

And now, I want to say...thank you to all of you for reading along with the second cartoon series that I have reviewed.  This one wasn't easy to recap at times.  Sometimes when I had an episode that I really didn't like, I found it hard to stay focused and even gave up on one before it ended (cough cough Aztec Enchantment cough).  But for the episodes I really enjoyed, it was a lot of fun to review.  I may even consider myself to be a fan of the cartoon after all.  The storylines were quite complex for a kids show, the music was fantastic, and the chemistry of the voice actors was off the charts.  In a way, I'm sort of sad to see the Jem Reviewed series come to an end...but in a way I am happy because it gives me more time to think of other things to write about in this blog.

And you never know...I might begin another cartoon review series before you know it.  But not now.  After 65 episodes, I'm exhausted!

So, once again...this is farewell...but not goodbye.

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