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Monday, September 11, 2017

Comfort Foods

When it comes down to it, I think most of us have our own comfort foods.  Foods that make us feel better no matter how horrible our day was.

And that's what today's blog is all about.  Comfort foods.

I have my own stories to tell regarding comfort food, and I openly encourage all of you to share your own favourites.

And rather than come up with a simple list of my favourite comfort foods, I have some personal stories included in the mix.  After all, I have to try and keep this space entertaining!

We'll start at the very beginning, at a time in which I was really small.

One of the very first memories I have of food are plain M&M's.  I know it seems like a random memory, but it remains to this day one of my favourite candies.  I mean, I wore an M&M wristwatch for almost five years!  And, besides, the candies all had the same first initial as my name, so I told everyone who wanted some that they couldn't have any because they all belonged to me!

It didn't work, but I thought I would try it!

It might be interesting for those of you who are younger than I am to know that not all the colours of M&M's were available when I was a kid.  The only colours that we had that are still in a standard bag of M&M's were brown, green, orange, and yellow.  The red and blue ones didn't exist back then - though we had tan coloured ones.  I actually kind of miss those ones.

Anyway, M&M's were just so incredibly tasty, and whenever I went trick-or-treating, the plain M&M's were always some of the first things to disappear.  The peanut ones I didn't like as much, so I gave those ones to my sister.  Over the years, with the addition of new colours, we had new varieties of flavours including peanut butter (delicious), almond (not so much), caramel (yummy), and pretzel (surprisingly good).  In fact, one of the things that I absolutely have to do is visit one of the M&M's World stores.  They have them in Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando.  I must make this happen!

Sticking with the sweet tooth theme, chocolate chip cookies are another comfort food that I absolutely love.  And of course, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are the most delicious of them all.  I know everyone says this about their own mother, but in my opinion, my mom makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world.  Just ask anyone who has ever sampled one.  I think her secret is semi-sweet chocolate chips and the fact that she takes them out of the oven a couple of minutes before they are supposed to be done to make them extra soft.  But that could just be me.

Of course, that's not to say that I don't enjoy store bought cookies.  Oreos are a classic cookie that I still find delicious (particularly the Double Stuf ones).  And when I was a kid, one of my favourite snacks that made me feel instantly better was taking Chips Ahoy cookies and dipping them in Cool Whip. 

Let's put it this way.  I was picked on a lot because of the fact that I was the huskiest kid in the class.  So, to make myself feel better, I ate Chips Ahoy and Cool Whip.  Granted, it didn't really FIX the problem, but it was how I dealt with the pain.

And let this be a lesson to all of you.  If someone is built heavier than you, mind your business and stop picking on them.  The more people told me to lose weight, the more I wanted Cool Whip.  Fat-shaming people in hopes that they will lose weight NEVER WORKS.

But hey...I still maintain that chocolate chip cookies and Cool Whip are an amazing combo.

For that matter, another amazing combo is french fries, cheese curd, and hot gravy.  Also known as a poutine.

To me, this hot Canadian cuisine is my ultimate comfort food.  I always crave poutine when I am feeling down about things and I admit that I probably eat it more than I really should.  Back in the early 1990s, my aunt ran a chip wagon and that was where I tried my very first poutine, and I have been in love ever since.  And with so many people adding new ingredients and different flavours to poutines, there truly is an endless combo of tastes to experience.  I still remember that delicious barbecue chicken poutine that I had at PoutineFest 2016, and was bummed that they didn't return for PoutineFest 2017.  I'd have LOVED to have gotten another one.  But the popcorn chicken I had instead was just as tasty.

On that note, does anyone else find fried chicken to be a delicious comfort food too?  I'm not just talking about your run of the mill Kentucky Fried Chicken either.  I mean homemade fried chicken.  I have very rarely walked away from fried chicken, and it is a delicious comfort food.  But as delicious as hot fried chicken is, I find it even MORE delicious when it is chilled.  To me, the spices and the flavours become stronger when I eat fried chicken cold. 

And for that matter, I am one of those ones who loves eating cold pizza too.  I can't quite explain it, but cold pizza tastes really good for breakfast.  Or if you're hungover.  Not that I have any experience with that.

Another comfort food I enjoy is Chinese food.  Whenever we have a special occasion in my family, we always order from this place outside of town that makes the best chicken balls, fried rice, and barbecued pork ever.  If you're ever in Prescott, check out the Dragon Garden.  It is definitely delicious.  I don't even care that I'm hungry again one hour after eating it.  It is definitely very delicious and satisfying.

Finally, I'll end this blog off with a food combo that is unique only to me.  And chances are, it's a combo that most of you will gag upon hearing it.  Yet, it's a food combo that has given me so much comfort over the years and for a while it was the only way that I would ever eat mashed potatoes.

Some people put gravy on mashed potatoes.  Some people put salt.  But I guarantee you that I am the only one who puts mustard on mashed potatoes.

And when I say that I put mustard on them, I don't mean that I spray a whole bottle of French's mustard all over them.  I tended to use the mustard as a dipping sauce.  Again, it may sound gross to all of you, but it was delicious to me.  Seriously, try it at least once. 

So, that's what food brings me incredible joy and comfort.  What are some of yours?

One last thing...I just want to extend my support and good, positive vibes to the states of Florida and Georgia who have already or are experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Irma.  From Tallahassee to Miami and every city in between, you have my love and support.  As you come back home to assess the damage, know that we're all pulling for you.

And I also want to extend my condolences to those who lost loved ones sixteen years ago today.  We shall never forget.

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