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Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 In Review: Fads

Depending on what experiences you may have had, 2017 could have been a very good year, or a very bad year.  For myself, it was probably one of the bad ones.  Here's hoping that 2018 is a LOT better.

But before we stick a fork in 2017, we have to do our annual look back at the year gone by in this retrospective.  If anything, it will allow me to have a little fun before I say hasta la vista to 2017.

So, I've divided this retrospective up into six different parts.  And as it so happens, part one will be dedicated to the fads that made 2017 stand out from any other year. 

Keep in mind that when I say fads, I am including toys, games, fashion trends, and food trends in there.  It's sort of a fancy way of saying that this is my hodge podge category.

2017 was definitely a year in which the trends definitely stood out.  But what ones did you partake in? 

We shall begin the list with the one thing that I know I took part in.


These things were everywhere in 2017 - well, at least the first half of the year anyway.  A simple toy that let you spin it around in a circle, it was better than a top and certainly was a wonderful stress reliever!  Believe me, I still use mine when I have a stressful day.

Of course, the fidget spinners didn't come without some controversy - mainly from parents who reported that their children broke their spinners apart and ate the metal circles within them!


Ugh...this was a trend I happily let bypass me.  The last time I remember wearing a romper I was probably three years old and riding my little rocking horse across the living room floor of my home.  For me to try that look at 36 years of age now would get me laughed out of town.  Yet this trend seemed to be the hottest fashion trend for guys this past summer.  Here's hoping it stays there and that nobody EVER RESURRECTS THEM!


These cute little critters were one of the hottest toys on the market this year, and honestly I can see why.  Designed to hang off of your finger, these little guys proved to be the perfect fashion accessory/toy for girls of all ages. 


Okay, so technically they made their debut at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York...but in 2017, these stuffed animals were the perfect gift to give out - on Halloween.  They might look nice and sweet and huggable at first.  But if you squeeze them the wrong way, they turn on you with the most evil scowl you have ever seen. 

And yes.  I want one.


The bad news about 2017 was saying goodbye to the dandelion crayon.  After all, it was one of eight new colours that was introduced in 1990 and served its purpose for twenty-seven years.  But replacing dandelion was a new shade of blue inspired by the discovery of the new blue colour known as YInMn.  Of course, most people wouldn't know how to pronounce that word, so Crayola held a contest to name the new colour.  And as a result, Blue-tiful made its debut in 2017.


Nintendo has kind of kept a low profile in the gaming industry the last few years, but 2017 looks like the year that may bring the company back up on top.  The success of the NES and SNES Classic Minis certainly paved the way to what would become the company's crowning achievement of 2017 - the Nintendo Switch.  Early reports show nothing but positive reviews for the console, and with "Super Mario Odyssey" becoming a huge hit, it's interesting to see what surprises are in store for 2018.


Back in 1996, the PlayStation released the game "Crash Bandicoot", and over the next few years, Crash would become the official mascot for the console.  Over twenty years later, the entire trilogy was re-released and re-mastered for the PlayStation 4.  Needless to say, it was a huge success.  There are also talks of re-mastering "Final Fantasy 7" as well, making 2017 the year in which everything old in gaming seemed to be new again. 


You know what I mean...the hairstyles that make it look like you dipped your hair in four different colours of paint?  This was one colourful trend that seemed to dominate in 2017, and likely it will remain the same in 2018 as well.  Makes you wonder if they'll start making coffee drinks with the same colour palette.


Oh...they did.  I can't say that I've ever tried one of these as I don't like coffee and can't afford Starbucks.  Anyone want to tell me if these are good?


A few years back, it was Bratz dolls and Monster High dolls that dominated the marketplace.  In 2017, it was L.O.L. Surprise Dolls.  I think the L.O.L. was from the manufacturers who were surprised by how much money parents were willing to pay for these dolls.  Apparently the dolls come in a container that you unwrap, and each layer (there's six or seven in total) has a surprise inside. 

That's all the fads I have to talk about in today's blog.  Are there any more that I missed that you would like to add?  Definitely use the comments section to let me know.

Tune in to this blog on Friday, December 29 where we look at the hit singles and massive flops of the music industry in 2017.  See you then!

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