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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

What Game of Games Would YOU Play?

So, I suppose that I should probably write at least one more blog post before I kick off the "One Day at a Time" reviews that will be starting this coming Friday.  I've already got the screenshots saved on my iPad and I've watched the first episode a bunch of times on Netflix to write a detailed review.  I already love the show, and when you write about something that you love, it becomes easy to write about.

For instance, I love Ellen DeGeneres.  I seriously love everything about her.  I love that she's a stand-up comedienne, I love that she has hosted her own successful talk show for fifteen years.  And I love the fact that at nearly 60 years of age, she still looks and has the attitude of a woman a quarter of her age.  I don't know what she has been doing to take care of herself, but I think I want to know what that secret is because at nearly 37, I look half dead in comparison!

Lately, I've been watching her new show called "Ellen's Game of Games".  Have you seen it?  It's premiere episode was in December 2017, and it has currently screened six episodes so far.  It's already getting a lot of positive buzz, and it's likely going to be renewed for next season.  At least, I hope so because it really is a lot of fun to watch.

The premise of the game is simple.  You know how if you've watched an episode of the Ellen show, how she plays little games to reward viewers with prizes, trips, and/or cash?  Well, she's taken some of the most popular games from her daytime talk show and supersized them to choose four contestants to compete in the "Know or Go" round.  If they survive that, then they will play a game of "Hot Hands", and if they win that game, they will take home a hundred thousand dollars.

A nice chunk of change indeed!

Now, one of my bucket list goals is to go on a game show as a contestant one day.  And certainly it would be a lot of fun to go on Ellen's game show.  I could use an extra $100,000!

But which games would I want to play?  There are some games that I think I would be better at than others.  It's actually something that I have thought about since the show debut and I think I know what game would be the best one for me to play.

Of course, there are some games that I would be excluded from as I have no partner or spouse.  So, "You Bet Your Wife" and "In Your Face, Honey" are excluded from this discussion.

So, what games would I absolutely NOT want to play?

For one, "Dizzy Dash" is OUT.  I appreciate the concept of Dizzy Dash, and the trivia questions themselves would not be difficult to answer.  Let's just say that it has been close to twenty years since I last rode the Tilt-A-Whirl, and I nearly got sick afterwards.  My stomach just isn't meant to handle fast moving circular things, and I worry that I would throw up my lunch all over Ellen before I get the chance to answer the question.

I also don't think I would do very well with the "Scary Go Round" game.  It's not as bad as "Dizzy Dash", but it's extremely physical work to achieve and honestly, I'd probably pass out after the one minute mark.

"Master Blaster" is another game that I would hope not to play.  You might think that it is just another puzzle building game, and to be honest if it was just the idea of building a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, I'd have no problem with it. 

The issue is that when you have the added pressure of being the first one to complete it and if you don't, you get blasted out into the audience on a bungee cord, it simulates the board game "Perfection".  And to this day, the game "Perfection" causes me to stress out.  With "Master Blaster", I would have a full out anxiety attack!

So those are three games that I would NOT want to play.  Now...which games do I WANT to play?  I have four that are on my list.

Obviously the easiest game on the list is "Make it Rain".  I mean, I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West.  I will not melt if I get drenched with water.  Besides, even if I choked on "Know of Go", if I won the game I would get ten thousand bucks.  That would be worth getting soaked alone.

"Danger Word" would be another perfect game for me because I have a huge vocabulary and I would feel that I know enough words that I wouldn't have to say the Danger Word.  Of course, the only thing that could stop me in my thesaurus would be if my opponent was an English professor, Margaret Atwood, or an actual electronic thesaurus.

And, don't forget about "Don't Leave Me Hanging".  Sure, the thought of getting launched into the sky frightens me to death (I hate heights), but at the same time, the trivia questions that Ellen asks would be so easy that I know I could outlast everybody else.  Well, as long as Ellen doesn't ask me to name any characters from "Sex and the City".  I hate that show!

Finally, as challenging as it can be, I think I would like to play "Blindfolded Musical Chairs".  There's really zero skill involved at all.  You just have to try and find somewhere to sit when the music stops and the last one remaining wins!  Sometimes, the game can play out in really hilarious ways!

Let's hear from you.  What game of games would you excel in?  And which ones do you not want to play?

And remember...Ellen's Game of Games airs Tuesdays at 8:00 EST on NBC!  That's a lot of letters!