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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What kind of blog would it be without THEME DAYS?

All right, folks.  This blog is off to a good start even though it is less than twenty-four hours old.  And, I'm sure that as time passes, I'll get right into the swing of things.

But, I think I should try and make it more specific, and what better way to do that than with theme days?  Each day will represent a different kind of media, and hopefully all of you will enjoy the days.  This is what I have worked out for now, but I could change it depending on whether any ideas develop or dry up.

So, here's the weekly schedule so far.

MONDAY:  Monday Matinee
TUESDAY:  Tuesday Leftovers
WEDNESDAY: Across The Pond And Beyond
THURSDAY:  Thursday At The Arcade
SATURDAY: Saturday Morning Cartoons
SUNDAY: Sunday Funnies

Here's more info:

Monday Matinee deals with all things movies.  Could be a movie character or series of movies.
Tuesday Leftovers are our pot-pourri category...anything goes.
Across The Pond And Beyond is an interesting category.  Every Wednesday, we'll examine non-American culture!
Thursday At The Arcade deals with video game characters.
TGIF is named after the retro Friday sitcom deals with TV.
Saturday Morning Cartoons needs no explanation.
Sunday Funnies deals with books, magazines, and comic strips.

So, stay tuned for more entries.  Tomorrow's Wednesday, so we'll be going overseas for the next study in pop culture.  But, I have a feeling you'll like her all the same!

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