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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Across the Pond and Beyond: Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings

Just as yesterday's entry was about a show on TVOntario, today's entry also happens to have aired on TVOntario.

And the show happened to originate in the UK, hence the reason why it's featured in this week's 'Across The Pond And Beyond' day.

Because this is the third day in Imagination and Fantasy week, naturally the program has to have some kind of make-believe world, or make-believe friends, or a combination of both.

I think you'll agree that this entry has all of those things and more.

Oh, you know his name is Simon.  And the things he draws come true.

I'm sure at some point, all of us as children loved playing with coloured chalk.  I know I certainly did.  With brilliant shades of yellow, blue, and pink, I would have a blast creating my own art gallery on the front sidewalk.  I drew trees, and flowers.  I designed the coolest looking hopscotch course.  I basically drew until all the chalk was used up and my clothing was covered in yellow, blue, and pink chalk dust.

Such good times.

I was disappointed that my drawings didn't come to life though.  I drew and drew and drew some more, and not even so much as a green chalk caterpillar even moved.  I didn't seem to have the magic touch that Simon seemed to have.

Let's talk a bit about Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, shall we?  It debuted in the UK sometime around 1974 (or possibly earlier than that even).  Each of the episodes weren't very long, usually only lasting five minutes if that.  However, it was entertaining enough for the show to be imported into other countries.  In fact, I think many American people were first introduced to Simon through popular children's shows such as Pinwheel and Captain Kangaroo.

My first experience with it was on TVOntario, though.  Sure, sometimes the voiceovers were changed depending on the region you watched it in, but the TVO people always aired the unedited British version, which I appreciated very much, because I liked the original voiceover artist.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by the title, Simon has a gift.  He has a magical chalkboard set up inside his house where whatever he draws on it comes to life in the Land of Chalk Drawings. 

But, how does he get there?  Easy.  He has connections.

His connection being his friend, Henry, who coincidentally happens to be a chalk drawing himself.

I could try to explain this more, but why not sit down and watch a full episode of the show along with me?  Are you ready?

Now that you have seen an episode of it, I can continue.

You see, all Simon had to do to enter the Land of Chalk Drawings was to climb a ladder that was leaning towards a fence near his house, and voila, instant transportation.

Or, was it simply just his imagination acting in overdrive?

Whatever the case was, if there's one thing that Simon taught me, it's that sometimes, creating a make-believe world where you are the master of your own domain isn't necessarily a bad thing.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry, I used to draw with chalk, and was disappointed that I couldn't create my own land of chalk drawings.

But, I did.  I used the power of imagination to pretend that I did have my own land of chalk drawings where I could have as many adventures as I wanted to have, and do what I wanted to do.

Because with the power of imagination, you have the power to be whatever you want to be at any time.  As someone who is trying to make a career in writing, I'm thrilled to have that streak of imagination coursing through my veins.  It makes me a better writer, and I'm sure it makes all the difference when typing stuff out on the old computer.

So, don't be afraid to show off that imaginative streak.  It worked for Simon!

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  1. I haven't heard that song in so long! Thx for posting the YouTube clip!