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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Faith, Hope, and Charity

One of the best things that I have found in regards to doing one blog posting a day for nearly three years is the opportunity for me to see just how much I have changed over the last three years.  And, I'll admit that one of the changes that I have noticed in myself during the whole process.  I guess one of the realizations that I have made about myself is that I am probably a lot happier than I was a few years ago.

Mind you, I'm not like Ned Flanders kind of happy.  That would be downright scarily-arrily.  Okelee dokelee doo?

(Yikes...I even scare myself sometimes!)

And, why am I looking at life through rose-coloured glasses lately?  Well, admittedly one of the reasons is to annoy those chronically negative Nellies who complain about EVERYTHING and ANYONE!  Seriously, as a reformed negative Nellie, I understand completely why I drove some people away.  It's more fun to drive negative people away with kindness and happy thoughts than scaring positive people away with the black cloud of gloom and death.

But, here's another more serious and less selfish reason for all of you.

I find that giving back to the community or supporting causes is a wonderful way to feel better about things.  Anybody who has ever participated in charity events or took part in great causes probably knows how good you feel afterwards.  It makes you feel as though you've done such good in the world, and I think that it makes people feel like they are a huge part of something.

And, in this Thursday Video Blog entry, I make an announcement about the latest charity endeavour I've signed up for, as well as talking about other charity events that I've taken part in over the last few years.  You'll also learn why I got involved, why it took me a long time to get involved in causes, and how I completely bungled the ending of this video entry.  Watch it, and I will clarify.

Now, what I meant by that last part is...I managed to do a lot of fundraising last year for the Relay for Life, and I plan on doing it this year as well.  But what I wanted to say was...would anyone be upset if when our team page is posted online, if I provided a link to it so that you have the option to donate to the cause?  It's not an obligation, mind you...but if you really wanted to support a great cause, I would like to have the link available in case you wanted to help out.  After all, I know many of us have lost people to cancer, and I know that everyone in the world is looking for a permanent cure for the disease.

So, what do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  No opinion?

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