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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finding Answers...One Way Or Another

Okay, here we go with another edition of the Thursday Video Blog Entry (or Vlog, as the cool kids call it), and well...this edition of the blog was completely unexpected.

Let's just say that it is my most candid blog entry to date.

But before I post today's video, I do want to make a couple of clarifications...beginning with a correction.

Firstly, I mistakenly stated that the video was filmed after midnight.  It really wasn't.  It was filmed at around eleven.  I know that technically, it's only an hour difference, but I guess that I am a little bit ahead of schedule when it comes to daylight savings time

(March 9, in case you were wondering.  It's the bad kind of time change where we lose an hour instead of gaining one, just so you know.)

And, secondly, I just wanted you to know that this whole blog entry was done at the spur of the moment as I had another topic completely lined up, and I was all set to go with recording a rebuttal against the recent controversy surrounding the state of Arizona and its ridiculous bill regarding having the right to reserve service to anybody based on religious beliefs.

But things change.  Mainly because Jan Brewer decided to veto that bill.  But also because I came across something on my Facebook news feed that really shifted all perspective.

But, enough babbling.  Let me show you.

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