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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Commentary on Professionalism

Today's "WHO AM I WEDNESDAY" feature will focus on a subject that I truly do feel strongly about.  It's also the glue that will be holding this particular blog entry together.

That subject is professionalism. 

I'm certainly one who absolutely believes in the idea of putting your best self forward, and I would hope that a lot of people the same way that I do about presenting themselves in the best way possible.  None of us are perfect, and I'm sure we've all had moments of embarrassment that we all want to wipe clean from our memories (I myself have at least six dozen that I would love to forget), but for the most part, I do believe in maintaining professionalism in just about everything that I do.

Take this blog for example.  I made it a personal choice to make this blog one that resembles a tabloid piece.  I never use any swear words in this blog, unless they're part of a quotation (and even so, I'll blur the words out with symbols).  I also don't use this blog as a way to personally slander or humiliate anybody, or single them out.  If there is an instance in which I do, I never reveal their names, or I change them.  That way, nobody knows who the subject it (and it probably saves me from becoming the subject of a lawsuit in the process).  This blog is my "baby", and the absolute best reflection of me and my thoughts.  Why would I sully this blog by acting out on it in an unprofessional manner? 

That's why I do my best to make sure that the spelling and grammar of the blog is at perfection or near-perfection every entry.  That's why I do extensive fact checking to make sure that my information is one hundred per cent accurate.  That's why if I'm writing something that I'm not sure of the validity, I make sure that I point out that what I am writing may not be the absolute truth.  I want to represent myself in a positive light.  Even though this blogging venture is just a hobby right now, I still want it to be as professional looking as possible.  After all, you never know if I could use this blog as a reference point for something bigger.  It's always a possibility, I suppose.

I also try to maintain a professional attitude at my workplace as well (which admittedly can be a little bit more challenging).  After all, when you work at a workplace, you're being a representative of a company.  And no matter how big or how small a company is, I'm sure that the company would want their employees demonstrate a courteous and professional experience at all times.  After all, there are television shows such as "Undercover Boss" that send out owners and chief executive officers of corporations undercover to make sure that the employees are putting the best of themselves into the business.  It's just proof positive that you really have to make sure that you're presenting yourself well because you never know who might be seeing you in action.

I guess the major point that I want to illustrate in this blog is that professionalism is a very good thing.  When you go to a job interview, do your research on the company you're applying for so that you can be well prepared.  When you go out on a first date, take a little bit of extra effort in dressing to impress and keeping your ego at the door.  After all, the main reason for a first date is seeing if you have the chemistry for another, right?  Even the way you introduce yourself to a person can have a more of an impact in the impression that you give them than you might think.

So, I suppose that you're all wondering where I am going with this train of thought about professionalism.  I'm getting to that.  In fact, I've prepared a little bit of "video commentary" that explains that train of thought about a particular train wreck of an event that took place three nights ago. 

I've had a few discussions in this blog about television award shows.  I've discussed the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and even the Golden Raspberry Awards.  But I don't think I've ever covered the Daytime Emmy Awards.  Today I'll be doing exactly that.

First, a brief history of the awards show.  The very first one was held on May 21, 1974 in New York City with Barbara Walters and Peter Marshall as hosts.  The awards broadcast was created after John Beradino (who portrayed the role of Steve Hardy on "General Hospital" from 1963 until his death in 1996) lobbied to have actors and actresses in daytime soap operas recognized for the hard work that they put into each episode of the soaps that they filmed.  After all, with over two hundred original episodes being made a year, soap opera actors and actresses are probably some of the hardest working people in the entertainment industry.  It was long overdue that they get a chance to earn accolades for their talents.

And certainly over the forty-one year history of the awards show, many actors, actresses, talk show hosts, game show hosts, and children's entertainers have been rewarded for their talents, and some have been honoured more than others.  Susan Lucci (All My Children) won her first (and only) Daytime Emmy Award after nineteen tries, while Erika Slezak (One Life To Live) seemingly won one award every three years!  But in the height of the daytime era, the awards show would air on different networks (my understanding is that the three main networks of ABC, NBC, and CBS alternated every three years, but I'm not sure), and the show was just as glamourous and elegant as the Primetime show.

Well, times have definitely changed.  And some are wondering if that's a good thing.

These days, the daytime industry is a lot different.  Fifteen years ago, there were ten different soap operas on the air.  Today there are only four.  Chat shows, cooking shows, and game shows seem to be the hottest thing on daytime television, and some networks have even taken to broadcasting informercials or syndicated programming to fill in the empty blocks vacated by cancelled soap operas.  So, over the last few years, network television has decided not to host or finance the awards show, leaving organizers of the event to try something new.  Over the last couple of years, the ceremony had been hosted on the CW Network, or HLN.  But for the 2014 awards, the lack of finding a network to host the event meant that the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) had to get creative when it came to broadcasting the show.

Eventually, the decision was made to have the awards show air online only.  The entire ceremony would air live commercial free with no restrictions on acceptance speeches, and with ample time to show whole clips from the reels that nominated actors and actresses would submit as part of their reel submissions.  The ceremony would be hosted by "Suddenly Susan" and "My Life on the D-List" star Kathy Griffin, and the red carpet coverage would be handled by four social media personalities.  On paper, it sounded like a brilliant idea.

The execution was a complete embarrassment to not only viewers, but the entire daytime industry as a whole.

Before I voice my opinion in video, have a look at these clips from the show itself.

And now my thoughts.  And I must warn you...although I do try to be as professional as possible in this video, there are some instances in which I can't really help myself.  You have been warned.  But what can I say?  It's the professional thing to do. 


Outstanding Drama Series:  THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series:  VENICE THE SERIES
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series:  EILEEN DAVIDSON (Days of our Lives)
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series:  BILLY MILLER (The Young and the Restless)
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:  AMELIA HEINLE (The Young and the Restless)
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:  ERIC MARTSOLF (Days of our Lives)
Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series:  HUNTER HALEY KING (The Young and the Restless)
Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series:  CHANDLER MASSEY (Days of our Lives)
Outstanding Game Show:  JEOPARDY!
Outstanding Game Show Host:  STEVE HARVEY (Family Feud)
Outstanding Talk Show (Entertainment):  THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW
Outstanding Talk Show (Informative):  STEVE HARVEY
Outstanding Talk Show Hosts:  DR. MEHMET OZ/KATIE COURIC (tie)
Outstanding Morning Program:  GOOD MORNING AMERICA
Outstanding Courtroom/Legal Program:  THE PEOPLE'S COURT

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