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Monday, June 09, 2014

Lazy Monday Edition

Everybody has heard of the term "Lazy Sundays", right?  The term coining from the fact that Sundays used to be a day in which there was hardly anything on television, stores used to be closed, and the day used to be known as a real family day where everyone gathered together for a delicious family dinner and shared some quality time together.

Boy how the world has changed since then, huh?  And, as far as I'm concerned, it's not for the better.  But, that's another rant for another day.

Well, I've decided that I'm going to make today my "LAZY MONDAY".  Which is going to be a bit hard given that today is supposed to be MOTIVATION MONDAY - the day in which I post the weekly MOTIVE4CHANGE episode that I do with my three friends every week. 

And, well, today I will be posting a MOTIVE4CHANGE'll just seem like a bit of a summer rerun of sorts.  I'll explain why that very shortly.  But for now, I'll just post the video right here.  This is one-fourth of our MOTIVE4CHANGE team, JOSHUA, reading a five minute piece on what his message to the world would be after his demise.  A rather morbid subject, I must admit.  But here it is in all of its glory.


So, for those of you who have been following along with MOTIVE4CHANGE over the last few weeks, you may notice that Joshua's video portion sounds strangely familiar.  That's because we originally aired Josh's message on our seventh episode of MOTIVE4CHANGE, which aired originally on May 18, 2014.  So, I suppose you're probably wondering why we reposted something that occurred three weeks ago.

Well, to be honest with you, it all had to do with a little bit of technical difficulties.  When we filmed the episode posted on May 18, 2014, we had everything down to a science.  We had all four of us (myself,
JOSHUA, JONATHON, and CARINE) reading off letters that we all wrote about the message we wanted to leave behind for future generations, and we had thought that they turned out fantastic.  And they did...

...until technology decided to turn against us and corrupt a good chunk of our recording.

Now, Joshua was able to recover some of the recordings...enough to edit together a show that made sense.  But there were some casualties.  Carine's quote of the day was forever silenced, we lost about a third of my letter, and a few bits and pieces from Jonathon's letter were unavoidably left on the cutting room floor.  We still had enough to work with, but the loss of footage certainly took away from the impact of the statements that we wanted.

So, the decision was made to re-record our letters into four different parts, just to ensure that our real thoughts came across.  So, that's the story behind the "summer reruns" of
MOTIVE4CHANGE, so to speak.

I do promise that we're going to be back with a brand new episode of MOTIVE4CHANGE next week.  That will be on June 15 - which will be the day after I indulge in a 12-hour-long walkathon for our community "RELAY FOR LIFE" event.  I could very well be still suffering from sleep deprivation that day.  We'll see.  But whatever the case, we will have something ready.  And for those of you with short attention spans, the episode will be a much shorter length!  How's that for exciting?

So, getting back to the beginning...why am I calling today the LAZY MONDAY edition?  Well, it's simple.  I've decided that today is going to be the day that I don't talk about anything substantial in this blog.  We all deserve a break today, and I'm making today that day.

(In all seriousness, I'll be busy most of tomorrow anyway working on a project for the
RELAY FOR LIFE event.  And if you're interested, I may offer up a sneak preview of that project on the WHO AM I WEDNESDAY blog this week.

But for today's motivation topic...I motivate all of you to kick back and take a break...even if it's only a half hour out of your day.  After all, those Kit Kat commercials almost demand that you take a break, right?

Hmmm...let's close out with a Kit Kat commercial, shall we?  I'll see you tomorrow with another
TUESDAY TIMELINE entry...and tomorrow, I promise to keep the yellow tinted font to a minimum. 

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