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Monday, August 17, 2015

We Know Life Is A Board Game - But What About The Game Of Living?

Sometimes, our fondest memories come from toys that remind us all of a carefree time in our lives. 

Some of my favourite toys were the various board games I used to play. Snakes And Ladders, Life, Monopoly, and several others...and it got me thinking...what board game rules would I like to implement in every day life? 

I'm sure all of have have wished that we could continuously pass GO just so you could reap the $200 reward each and every time. That's just one of the real life rules I think a lot of us want to see in our lives. It'd make life a heck of lot more easier. 

So, I compiled a list of other rules from games that we wish we could incorporate into the game we call living. 

Wouldn't it be great if we really could buy a house for $100? Especially in THIS economy? 

Yellow and orange (or even blue in the version we have at home) cards are valuable commodities...with them, you can win beauty contests, go to Boardwalk...even break out of jail...but the "chances" of getting one are just as slim as digging up a treasure chest on New York Avenue. 

Have you ever forgotten your PIN number at the ATM?  That's a real Mastermind moment right there!  They should just automatically tell you what your PIN number is after ten tries.  I think that's how many you get in the original Mastermind game.

Be wary of professors dressed in purple fixing a sink in the kitchen with a wrench. Just sayin'. 

If only you could crown those who trespassed onto your side of the fence. 

Who needs social assistance? If this game of life really was real, you could father twelve children on a salary of $20,000 and STILL afford to live in a Dutch Colonial house with your living as a teacher. 

Paying bills would be a heck of a lot easier if we only had to worry about the Water Works and Electric Company, no? 

I'm sure we'd have some interesting looking skyscrapers if architects followed the "you take a block from the bottom and you put it on top" philosophy. 

Imagine what our museums would look like if Pictionary art became as big as Picasso? Why, you'd have thousands of people debating and coming up with their own theories as to what it represents? Is it a toad? A shiitake mushroom? Oprah Winfrey's self-portrait? The possibilities are endless!

It's called the game of lying. Some people are already a living breathing testament of this game as I speak. And, of course, I always tell the truth as sure as my name is Dr. Phil. 

Imagine how different the world would really be if it takes only 10 minutes to move tanks in between countries... 

I'd like it if my house had but only ONE secret passageway... 

(Bed Bugs)
Instead of stripping off your bedding and burning it, wouldn't it be easier to pick them up with a plastic chopstick thingy?

Knocking down random people onto the ground for the hell of it and only having to say Sorry? Count me in! Especially if the people on the street are just in my way! 

(Hungry Hungry Hippos) 
I've been told this has actually been turned into a real life event called the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Competition.

(Shark Attack) 
Well...I suppose if you were a stunt double in the Jaws movie, getting swallowed by a battery-powered shark is entirely possible. 

(Bumper Cars)
In real life, you bump a car, you get a ticket or put in jail.  But in the game of Bumper Cars, all the cars are made of plastic, so go nuts.  And yes, I actually owned this game!

(Mystery Date)
If only your dream date really did show up behind your door instead of the dud.

It's a wonder that this hasn't been made into a hot game to bet your hard earned cash in Vegas yet. 

Have you guys got any other examples you can add to this list? 

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