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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sixteen Things I Like About Myself

Absolutely serious about this too.

I'm not going to really tag anyone here, because I don't think anyone should be forced to do this activity.  By all means, if you want to take part, I encourage it!   But, I think that we all need a reminder of all the good things that we like about ourselves.  Some may constitute this as a bragging note, but I personally see it as an exercise in building up self-esteem, and exercise that some people should do to remind themselves that they are important and that they do have worth in this world.

I'm going to come up with sixteen things that make  Even more importantly, I'm going to give sixteen reasons why I'm a great person to know...and hopefully, it will inspire all of you to look deep within yourselves and find those qualities that you like best about yourself.

So, let's begin.

01.  I've always been obsessed with colour, and I like the fact that I'm not afraid to show them off.

02.  I'd like to believe that when it comes down to common sense, I have quite a bit of it.

03.  I have my own home.  More importantly, I saved up for the down payment for four years to achieve it.  I don't believe in free rides.

04.  Although I am not religious, I do believe in trying to show goodwill towards others because I truly believe that good wins over evil.

05.  I've been informed that I have some of the neatest handwriting they have ever seen.

06.  I can come up with song parodies as fast as Weird Al Yankovic.

07.  I'm a great speller as long as I can avoid typographical errors.

08.  I always give 100% at work...though sometimes I wish it were noticed more...but hey, don't we all feel that way?

09.  I always follow my own path and try not to follow fads.  I don't need to buy the latest TV, I don't need to be attached to a Blackberry, and I always keep my underwear completely under my slacks or jeans.  It's called UNDERwear for a reason.

10.  I initially appear shy when people first meet me, but once I get to know you, it amazes even me how much I open up.  I'm just a little bit socially awkward.

11.  I've never smoked a cigarette, dropped acid, or done any serious out of control drinking.

12.  I can do Christmas shopping on a budget and still manage to pick out perfect gifts.

13.  I'm a great writer.  Or, so I'd like to think I am.

14.  I am a firm believer in standing up for what you believe in, and I most definitely do this.  Sometimes I don't even think of any repercussions that might come from it until after I say it, which can be impulsive...but again, I make no apologies given that I suppressed myself for too long in my youth.

15.  I enjoy writing this blog...mainly because I feel I can get my real feelings out a lot better through written works than if I try to talk to people face to face.

16.  Although it has taken me years to realize this...I have some awesome people in my life who will truly stand by me.  The only thing I wish was that some of them were a lot closer to me, but I know that regardless of geographical location, that they'll always be there for me...and it makes me smile.

So, there's my 16 things.  What are yours?

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