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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tomorrow is Black Friday, and I'm SCARED!!!

Hello out there in cyberspace!  It is a beautiful Thursday morning as I type this out, and I just wanted to wish all of you out there reading this in the United States of America a very happy Thanksgiving!  I do hope you get plenty to eat and are thankful for every blessing that has come your way.  And, don't eat too much pumpkin pie.  After all, too much of something is never really a good thing.

And, appropriately enough, today's blog topic has to do with exactly that.

Tomorrow is the day that makes most retailers salivate at the mouth, as well as makes ordinary people into lean, mean, shopping machines.  Their weapons of choice?  A shopping cart and a debit card.

That's right, folks.  Tomorrow is Black Friday.  And, I am very much scared for my life here!

You see...while Black Friday has been a big deal in the United States for several years, it's fairly new on Canadian soil.  You see, a few years back (I think around 2009 or 2010), a few people suggested that we try out the Black Friday experiment here in Canada to persuade shoppers to spend their hard earned dollars right here at home instead of treading down south of the border to experience a trend.

Which judging by this video posted below...AIN'T PRETTY.

NOTE:  This might be the one and only time I use the word "ain't" inside of this blog.  Just typing that word out made my grammar brain cells wince in pain!

Now, to the people who even suggested that we bring that madness into Canada...I have just three words to say.  What the @#$%?!?!?

Well, okay...those were two words and a whole bunch of symbols.  You get the idea.

For whatever reason, I've always managed to boycott Black Friday or any other huge sales.  For one, there is nothing in the world that I want that badly that I would risk getting teeth knocked out or getting a permanent scar on my back from having someone step on it with their high heeled shoe.  And, secondly, I can't condone behaviour like that at all.  I mean, punching people and biting people to score a deal on a toaster, microwave oven, or Blu-Ray player?  No thanks.  I'd rather work at a circus as a lion tamer.  It would probably be safer than braving the crowds on Black Friday.

Now, until recently, I've never really been afraid of the day.  Until recently, I've always made a point to stay home on that day - or at the very least if I worked, I was always in the dairy department.  And, I don't recall any store having huge sales on groceries on Black Friday.

This year, I am in electronics.  And, I have the open shift.  And, that terrifies the bejeezus out of me.

NOTE:  This is also the only time that I will ever say the word "bejeezus" in this blog...only because I may or may not have spelled the word wrong.

As you will see in today's video blog entry, I talk about my fears of Black Friday, I compare it to the holiday in which we USED to fear before Black Friday even came to Canada, and I urge all of you to STAY SAFE.  I cannot stress that last point enough.

Now, before I post the video, I do want you all to know that once again, public speaking is not something that I am comfortable with.  You will see me stammer and hem and haw for the right word, and in a couple of occasions, I end up using the wrong word entirely (I say audacity when I meant to say patience, for example).  So, bear with me.  One of the main goals behind my video blogging is to improve my public speaking skills enough so that I can one day use them to my advantage.

What that advantage is...I have no idea.

So, without further adieu, here is today's Video Blog entry...which was actually filmed on Wednesday, November 27...such as it is.

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