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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome to the Thursday Video Diary!

Okay, so today is Thursday, November 14, 2013 and it's time to do another edition of the Thursday Diary. And, as you very well know, the idea of a Thursday Diary entry is for me to share something with all of you that might not necessarily deal with the world of pop culture, but does absolutely have everything to do with something that is on my mind. It could be a topic about some sort of injustice that I have come across, it could be a topic on a personal revelation, or it could even be some silly thing that might not make a whole lot of sense to anybody else other than myself.

That's the beauty of the Thursday Diary entry. It's absolutely the most unpredictable blog entry of the whole week. One week I could be sad, the next week ecstatic, and the week after that I could be so frustrated and angry that I feel like throwing a Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake in the face of my nearest annoying neighbour.

(And, considering where I currently live, there really is no shortage of people to hit in the face with a DQ Blizzard Cake.)

DISCLAIMER: It would likely take a lot for me to even muster up the courage and the anger to hit someone in the face with an ice cream cake. At the right angle and temperature, those things can be deadly weapons!

So, yes. That;s one reason why I love the Thursday Diary entries so much. They allow me to write what is on my mind, and they allow me to showcase a little more of myself to all of you reading this. After all, some of the very subjects that I talk about in this blog are subjects that you might be able to relate to. At least, I certainly hope so, anyway.

But here's the thing. I bet some of you have noticed that there's a little bit of a change in the title. You might be wondering why I have decided to refer to this entry as the Thursday Video Diary. Is it because the blog entry is going to be entirely made up of a series of YouTube videos?

Nope. In fact, I promise you that you will only be able to see ONE video. You'll see it at the very end of this entry. Trust's one of those videos that will definitely make a lot of sense when you get to it. It might even be considered one of my most personal diary entries to date.

But first, I have to do a little bit of writing to set up video. And, yes, I know what you're saying. I've done a lot of writing already. But just hold on to your jockey shorts just a little longer. It won't take too long. I promise.

But before I go ahead with this diary entry, I thought I would announce a change. It just dawned on me that since I got a brand new mobile device my Thursday Diary font needs to change. On a regular PC, the font I use is Comic Sans MS, but when it is displayed on a mobile screen, it comes up as a hard to read Script font. For those of you who have followed this blog on a tablet, iPad, or iPhone, I do sincerely apologize for this. I promise you that I will keep the font the same, but I will change the colour of the font to separate the diary entry from the main entry.

Okay, are we ready? Let's get on with today's Thursday Video Diary!

November 14, 2013

You know, one of the things that I admit that I enjoyed watching when I was younger was the Grammy Awards. The Grammy Awards when I was a child was one of the biggest award shows of the entire year. Every year, I would stay up late to watch all of the performances of each singer and group nominated for an award that year, and over the years I've seen some fantastic performances by some of my favourite artists.

And, I've also have witnessed some of the performances that were ever seen on the Grammy Awards.

I mean, seriously Nicki Minaj...what the hell were you thinking with that performance? I thought the Grammy Awards were about music, not an...well...what is it you did again? I'm afraid I don't understand it. But, hey, it got people talking, so what do I know? Kudos to you!

But I will honestly say that one of the most interesting part of the Grammy Awards (or any award ceremony for that matter), were the acceptance speeches of the artists who came up to accept the award. And, depending on what the award was, or who won it, there could be a whole lot of emotion involved.

I mean, I was never really one who watched the Daytime Emmy Awards on television that much, but I did end up watching them the one year that Susan Lucci won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress. If memory serves me, I think it was 1999? Whatever the case, it was a huge award as Susan Lucci was nominated for the award eighteen years previously and did not win. As it so happened, nineteen was the charm as Susan Lucci finally won. And I honestly don't even know how she managed to make an eloquent speech after winning that elusive award. If you're interested, you can watch the video by clicking HERE. The fact that she was fighting back tears of joy and still managed to get her thank yous out...I know I couldn't do that!

Not that I would be winning a Daytime Emmy Award anytime soon, but had I been in that situation, I probably would have fainted from shock.

But even so, I honestly don't think that I could do it. When put to the ultimate test, if I were to give a speech in such a short time, I don't think that I would be able to make it happen. I have had such a fear of public speaking. I always worry that I would flub my words, or get all tongue-tied, or have so many frequent pauses that William Shatner from “Star Trek” sounds normal in comparison.

And, you know something? My fear of public speaking began with one defining moment. One moment in time that forever changed the way I looked at giving speeches and doing presentations in front of people. It likely even affected the way that I performed in job interviews (in which I admit to blowing quite a lot of them throughout my teen years and early twenties).

But I won't write about it. How about if I tell you about it?

NOTE: I didn't mean to make this video almost ten minutes. I lost track of time. The next video I do will be shorter. I promise.

NOTE 2: As you can see, my speaking style greatly differs from my writing style. I hope that in my second vid, I don't use the words “and”, “like”, or “actually” more than...say...thirteen times.

(Hey...I'm learning.)

And, here's your question. Do you actually want to see more of these video blogs? Please feel free to comment here or leave a note on my YouTube channel. Just be kind. I haven't figured out how to edit comments on my own videos yet's my first one.

As if you couldn't tell already!  

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