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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Allow Me To Teach You a Game...

It's January 15, 2014, and it happens to be a Wednesday.  I suppose this means that it's time to dust off the old bag of Clue character cards and select one at random to determine the subject for today's blog.  After all, as you can see, it is Whatever Wednesday day.

(Remind me to get this logo updated to the current look.)

Let's see what I have here.

Oh, I see that I have drawn the Mr. Green card today.  You know what that means?  It's a blog entry in which I will be talking about some sort of toy or game.

I suppose that in many ways, I'm glad to have drawn this card.  I skipped the toy entry last week to talk about hot chocolate of all things.  But here's my dilemma.  What am I going to talk about in this particular blog entry today?  And, to make matters even more pressing, this is one of those entries in which I have very limited time to complete this blog.  I need an idea, and I need an idea fast.

Well, I suppose that I could also make this blog entry a video blog.  Coming up with something to write about could take me two to three hours, but filming a video only takes fifteen minutes tops.  Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

In fact, why don't I use this blog to teach all of you a game that was a huge fad twenty years ago?  As luck would have it, I came across my own personal collection of tokens used for this very game not too long ago, and it kind of gave me the inspiration to do up a full blog on this subject.

So, this is my idea.  Film an instructional video about this game, while talking about its origins, and showing off some of the mini collection that I had when I was a kid (and yes, I have saved them for over two decades...scary, I know.)

So, sit back and relax...because our feature presentation begins in five, four, three, two...

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