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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gimme a Head With Hair...Long Beautiful Hair

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  And I'm not talking about making sure that you had enough money, or a car that is brand new, or having the chance to go on a game show to win a million dollars.

I'm talking actual physical attributes here.

As much as most of us out there claim to be one hundred per cent happy with ourselves physically, the truth is that all of us have something that we'd love to change about ourselves.

Perhaps you want to tone up your muscles or wish that you had a flatter tummy.  Or, maybe you aren't happy with the way your nose looks and you wish that it could be smaller.  Some people might be regretting that tattoo that they got on a binge-drinking expedition during their nineteenth year of life.  The point is that there's not one person out there who wishes that they could change something about themselves.

The only reason I say this is because of the fact that I have a little bit of a secret to tell you.  Well, okay, maybe it's not so much of a secret to those of you who actually know me in person (which admittedly is not a lot), but to most of you reading this blog, you have - until now - seen the image of me that I want you all to see.

But the truth is that although I'm definitely in a good spot when it comes to understanding and even liking who I am, there has always been one thing about myself that I have always hated about myself.  No matter what I did to it, it never turned out right, and I am really struggling to find even one picture in which it actually looked presentable.

Here's a clue above, as well as a clue below.  Have you figured it out?

If you haven''s the whole "hairy" story below in my own words...such as they are.  Enjoy.

(And, yes, I am trying to make these videos better...I just haven't figured out how yet...)

So, if you have any suggestions, I'm open-minded.  I am due for a trim after all.  :)

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