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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Future Aspirations - In Life and on "A Pop Culture Addict's Guide To Life"

All right.  Today's entry is going to be a little bit on the short side.  And, it's going to be a bit of a departure from what you might expect on Wednesdays.  Truth be told, I'm seriously considering changing things up a bit as we approach the third anniversary of this blog next month.

SIDE NOTE:  Can you believe that I've been doing this blog for almost three whole years?  Definitely one of the longest writing projects that I have embarked on so far! 

Anyway, part of the reason why I am cutting this entry short is largely due to timing.  I just got off work at 5:30pm and back in for 6:00am.  This leaves me with very limited time to jot down a blog entry for today that will have a lot of substance to it.  So, I suppose that if there's a day in which an abbreviated blog entry is suitable, today is that day.

But I also wanted to use this opportunity to promote the other side project that I have embarked on over the last couple of weeks.

Since March 30, 2014, I, along with my friends Joshua and Carine have been hosting an Internet talk show entitled MOTIVE2CHANGE.  If you click HERE, you can access our show's YouTube channel.  Or, if you'd rather just listen to each episode that we've filmed so far, click on each of these individual links

Episode 001:  Public Speaking - Aired 3/30/2014
Episode 002:  Acceptance - Aired  4/6/2014

We just finished posting our third episode which originally aired on April 13, 2014.  The subject is all about the subject of FUTURE ASPIRATIONS, and if you click the link below, it will automatically take you to the link to the episode.  It's thirty-two minutes and then some in length, so I hope you have some time to kill.  Even if you break it up into two fifteen minute minisodes, at least give it a chance because the three of us have a great time doing the show, and I think you'll really like it.

Episode 003: Future Aspirations - Aired 4/13/2014

Now that you have given the program a listen, I just wanted to add that since that episode was taped, my aspirations still have not changed.  I do want to someday make writing my one and only career.  I would love nothing more than to leave my other career in retail behind once and for all and focus on doing something that I have dreamed of doing forever.  Mind you, my career goal was not originally to be a writer.  I think in my childhood, my career goals changed so often that had I succeeded in achieving all my career dreams, I'd have more jobs than Barbie. 

But as I state in the talk show episode, my interests have always been associated with the arts.  I've talked about how instead of playing with toys, I was much happier with reams of paper and a box of crayons to play with.  After all, a water gun or a remote control car could offer entertainment for a brief moment, but with paper and crayons, the creative possibilities were endless.  I could make and create anything I wanted.  And the paper choice didn't matter.  My personal favourite was lined paper, as it was the cheapest paper you could get.  But that's not to say that I didn't like using blank paper, graph paper, construction paper and coloured Bristol board.  I liked it all.  And, I'm sure that most people who knew me knew that some of my favourite classes were art and English classes.  Classes that caused me to get creative were much more fun than the more strict and structured mathematics and science classes.

I think that's why I always seemed destined to become a writer (or at the very least, I always wanted to have a career in which I could flex my writing muscles).  Unfortunately, I do very little writing in my own job that actually does pay the bills - mainly because my hometown does not have any sort of opportunities for writers whatsoever.

This is why I began this blog exactly six days after I turned thirty.  I was getting in a funk over not being able to have a job that really utilized my best talents (a.k.a writing and creativity), and I felt that if I started a blog, and kept it going every day, it would at least allow me to keep doing what I loved doing even though I was busy doing something else.

I'll probably expand on that a little bit more in tomorrow's diary entry.  I probably need more time than what I have to explain what I really mean.

So, just putting that on hold for now, I will state that part of the reason why I think "A POP CULTURE ADDICT'S GUIDE TO LIFE" has been growing is largely due to all of you reading and following along with this blog every day for nearly three years.  I do want to thank all of you for checking this spot out each day, and I promise all of you that I don't plan on stopping this blog anytime soon.  After all, this is the only thing I have going for me in regards to creative freedom, and it's the only thing that I have in my life right now that is truly mine and under my control.  Of course I'm going to keep this journey moving along as long as I am able to.

Of course, the other reason why this blog seems to be doing well is because of my willingness to try out different things.  I've done a lot of experimentation with this blog over the last three years, keeping things that have worked (such as the Sunday Jukebox and Tuesday Timeline), and changing what hasn't (which is pretty much every single idea that I've had for Wednesdays.)

And I'm warning you ahead of time before I do this...when the blog turns three on May 24, there's going to be some huge changes.  I won't go into what they are right now, but here are a few cryptic clues for you to ponder as I leave this space for another day.

Clue #1:  The Motive2Change talk show will soon get its own theme day on the blog.  I just haven't decided what that day will be.  But it WILL be in place before the third anniversary.

Clue #2:  My friend/co-host Joshua helped design the following logo below.

I can tell you that as of May 2014, this blog will be featuring the new logo...and I can also tell you that the layout of the blog will be completely different using the colour scheme (and if I can get it, font) of this logo.  It'll be the first major design change that I'll be using in almost two years.  I can't say what day the design change will happen, but it will happen sometime during the week of May 18-24, 2014.

Clue #3:  The only theme days that I KNOW will be staying for next year are the Sunday Jukebox and Tuesday Timelines.  I will likely keep the Monday Matinee feature as well, but the day could be moving.  As far as the others go...well...I've said too much.

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