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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 1963

Hello, everyone!  Today is August 19, and it happens to also be the day where we flip back through the fabric of time to look at another Tuesday Timeline entry.

I think I've got a pretty good topic lined up for this week, and I don't want to waste any time here.  Let's get on with this entry by getting down to the other business for today which includes the history happenings and celebrity natal days! 

All right.  So, what happened on this date in history?  Lots of things!

1561 - Mary, Queen of Scots - then eighteen years of age - returns to Scotland after spending thirteen years in France

1612 - Accused of practicing witchcraft in Britain, the "Samlesbury Witches" go on trial

1692 - The Salem Witch Trials take place, in which one woman and four men are executed after being accused of performing witchcraft

1768 - Saint Isaac's Cathedral is founded in St. Petersburg, Russia

1839 - The French government announces that Louis Daguerre's photographic process is a "free gift to the world"

1871 - Orville Wright, one of the Wright brothers (d. 1948) is born in Dayton, Ohio

1909 - The first automobile race is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

1914 - The Ottoman-Bulgaria Alliance is signed in Syria

1921 - Gene Roddenberry (d. 1991), creator of Star Trek, is born in El Paso, Texas

1930 - Angela's Ashes author Frank McCourt (d. 2009) is born in Brooklyn, New York

1934 - Dayton, Ohio becomes the host city for the first official Soap Box Derby

1940 - The first flight of the B-25 Mitchell medium bomber

1942 - Dozens of Canadian troops are killed or captured during Operation Jubilee

1955 - 200 people are killed when severe flooding caused by Hurricane Diane takes place in the Northeast United States

1960 - The Korabi-Sputnik 2 satellite is launched into space by the Soviet Union

1977 - Actor Groucho Marx (b. 1890) passes away at age 86

1987 - Michael Ryan kills sixteen people with a semi-automatic rifle and then turns the gun on himself in the Hungerford Massacre

1989 - The British and Dutch governments raid pirate radio station Radio Caroline

1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev is placed under house arrest while on holiday in Ukraine

2005 - A series of strong storms in Southern Ontario spawns dozens of tornadoes and causes flash floods to occur within the city of Toronto

2010 - The official end of "Operation: Iraqi Freedom"

2012 - Director Tony Scott, aged 68, commits suicide by leaping off of a bridge in San Pedro, California

And, let's have a look and see who is celebrating a birthday today.  Blowing out candles today are...L.Q. Jones, Renee Richards, Bobby Richardson, Joe Frank, Diana Muldaur, Johnny Nash, Jill St. John, Buzz Kilman, Ian Gillan, Bill Clinton, Gerald McRaney, Tipper Gore, Jonathan Frakes, Peter Gallagher, Adam Arkin, Kevin Dillon, Kyra Sedgwick, Lee Ann Womack, Matthew Perry, Clay Walker, Fat Joe, Sammi Cheng, Jaime Zubairi, Callum Blue, Tracie Thoms, Erika Christensen, Tammin Sursok, Christina Perri, and Travis Tedford.

And, just to let you's Tuesday Timeline subject is also celebrating a birthday today.

Their date of birth and today's Timeline date?  August 19, 1963.

Now if you took a look at him now, you might be hard-pressed to believe that this man is turning fifty-one years old.  However, you have to also keep in mind that one of his first roles was well over thirty years ago on a daytime soap opera.  He's since appeared in a successful sitcom, was part of one of the most successful medical dramas of all time, and once substituted as a drummer for one of the most recognized bands of the 1960s.

Oh, and he sells Greek yogurt too.  But I suppose that makes sense, given that he comes from a Greek background.

Yes, today marks the fifty-first birthday of actor John Stamos, a man who has been in the entertainment industry for almost as long as I've been alive.  And, in celebration of John Stamos' life, I thought that I would provide fifty-one factoids about his life and times.  I've done this before with other celebrity spotlights, and it's a fun way to bring up some little known facts about celebrities that you may or may not have known.

So, let's get started, shall we?

1 - John Stamos was born in Cypress, California.

2 - His mother was raised in England and was a former swimsuit model.

3 - His family's original surname was "Stamatopoulos".  His paternal grandparents shortened it to Stamos when they immigrated to the United States from Greece.

4 - His very first role on television was on the soap opera "General Hospital", where he played aspiring rock singer Blackie Parrish.

5 - Stamos was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for his role in 1984 - the same year he left "General Hospital".

6 - He had a short-lived role on a sitcom called "You Again?", which starred Jack Klugman.

7 - When he was cast as Uncle Jesse on "Full House", his character's name was supposed to be Adam Cochran.  Before the pilot was filmed, Stamos convinced the producers to change the character's name to Jesse.  By the beginning of the second season, Jesse's last name was changed to Katsopolis to reflect his Greek heritage.

8 - Stamos is still really close with all of his "Full House" castmates.  He recently attended the wedding of "Full House" co-star, Dave Coulier a few months ago.

9 - Ever wonder why John Stamos and Lori Loughlin had such chemistry with each other?  It's because they once dated before "Full House" debuted!  The relationship didn't work out, but they remained good friends.

10 - John wore a wig in the last few episodes of season one.  He had cut his hair for a movie role.  The debut of season two was the first to show off his new look.

11 - John Stamos once guest-starred on "Friends" - a show that began filming in the old studio where "Full House" once filmed after the show was cancelled in 1995.

12 - He was cast as Dr. Tony Gates for the final three years of "ER".

13 - Prior to that, he starred in a couple of shows that didn't last one whole season - "Thieves" and "Jake in Progress".

14 - Stamos learned how to play the drums when he was four.

15 - Stamos even had his own band - Destiny.

16 - This could explain why Jesse's main storyline on "Full House" was making it big with his band "Jesse and the Rippers".

17 - Jesse and the Rippers reunited with each other on an episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon".  Lori Loughlin made a cameo appearance.

18 - In the spirit of reunions, Stamos reunited with former co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier for another skit on Jimmy Fallon...

19 - ...and in this commercial for Oikos Greek Yogurt.

20 - He has only been married once - to model Rebecca Romijn for nearly seven years.  The marriage ended in 2005.

21 - He made an appearance in the Beach Boys video for "Kokomo".

22 - Truth is that John Stamos has occasionally jammed with the Beach Boys for almost thirty years.

23 - This could explain why members of the Beach Boys periodically appeared in episodes of "Full House" between seasons two and five.

24 - Oh, and the song that Jesse sang for Becky at their "Full House" wedding?  It was a Beach Boys song!

25 - I wonder if John Stamos was also partly responsible for the time the show filmed in Walt Disney World?  He is a self-confessed Disney fan.

26 - John Stamos even has a lifetime pass to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

27 - And, Stamos even bought a Disneyland sign for over $30,000!

28 - He directed the video for Diamond Carter's song "Let Yourself be Loved".

29 - And, Stamos is also credited as a co-writer for the above song!

30 - He's also appeared in Broadway musicals "Cabaret", "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", and "Bye Bye Birdie".

31 - He was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November 2009.

32 - In 1984, he won a Young Artists Award for his role on "General Hospital".

33 - He is six feet tall.

34 - He was originally considered for the role of Cyclops in the 2000 film, X-Men.  James Marsden would eventually get the role.

35 - He is a huge fan of Elvis Presley in real life.

36 - He has two younger sisters.

37 - His ancestry is predominantly Greek, but he is also part English and part Irish.

38 - He played the drums at the wedding reception of good friend Howard Stern.

39 - He worked as a spokesperson for long distance carrier 10-10-987 in 2003.

40 - His production company is called St. Amos Productions.

41 - His middle name is Phillip.

42 - He was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive.

43 - He was once romantically linked to Paula Abdul while he starred on "Full House".

44 - While he worked on "General Hospital", he also held down a job at his father's restaurant!

45 - He is a regular poster on Twitter.

46 - According to an US Weekly article, he once played the bongo drums with Willie Nelson.

47 - He also claims to do Pilates three to four times per week.

48 - He and Bob Saget filmed a hilarious YouTube video demonstrating the joys of cuddling!

49 - However, in Bob Saget's memoir "Dirty Daddy", Saget reveals that he really did once share a bed with Stamos.  After having a few too much to drink, Stamos stayed with him to help him sober up.  Though Saget maintains that nothing happened between them.

50 - His last name is pronounced STAY-mohs.

51 - He is currently starring in the USA Network television series "Necessary Roughness".

And, there you have it.  Fifty-one facts for each and every year of John's life!  Happy 51st, John Stamos!

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