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Monday, August 25, 2014

School Signs 101

Hey, everyone!

Today is FUNNY MONDAY, and in the spirit of back to school, today's topic is all about school once again. 

Now, if you remember last week, I posted a whole bunch of test answers from test papers that make you laugh, chuckle, chortle, and think outside of the box.  I'll admit that some of the ways that people answered the tests were quite clever, and had I been a teacher, I would find it difficult to tell them that their answers were wrong!

I suppose that it's probably a good thing that I'm not a teacher. 

Anyway, test answers are fun, but do you want to know what else is fun?  Preparing for back to school by advertising back to school sales, welcoming students back for another year of classes, or just some miscellaneous signs that have to do with school being posted all over school hallways.

So, it got me thinking.  Surely there has to be some examples of some school signs that got lost in translation, were spelled incorrectly, or were just a really bad idea all around.

So, that's what this post is all about.  A post I like to call "SCHOOL SIGNS 101". 

Now, I should note that some of these signs are funny.  Some of them are wrong.  Some of them are funny AND wrong (I like those ones best of all).  But of course, I can't take credit for the images.  So, I would like to give credit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show official website, World Wide Interweb,, Flickr, Pinterest, and Huffington Post for the inspiration behind the fifteen signs you're going to see today.

This is going to be a fun post!

So, are you ready to go back to school?  Let's go!

I'm not sure what the big college fads were back in 2010, but if beer pong is just as popular as it was a couple of decades ago, then the person who came up with this endcap display deserves a huge raise simply for creativity!

Somehow I feel really cheated.  I had to get my Brother printer for $150.00.  Mind you, it wasn't marked down from $10,000, but still...I'd like to find a printer for that price, just so I could save more than 98% off!

Apparently the class of 1990 didn't get in on the purchase of this high school sign.  I'm guessing they were too busy spending their money on the beer and pornography inside...

Ah, yes.  Colton High School.  Their standards are high on everything...except maybe, you know, the English language.

Okay, I've heard of many different kinds of races, but I don't know how one could do a race for "eduction" when I'm not exactly sure what "eduction" is.  I could understand a race for education, or hell, even a race for "reduction", but "eduction" doesn't exist.

Then again, I blame the fact that this sign seems to care more about when school is CLOSED, rather than open.

Implementing live music at a school for the deaf fundraiser is like implementing an art gallery at a national institute for the blind.

Yes.  Beware.  School is coming back in full force.  And this school is scared.  They're so scared, that they ran out of E's, and had to resort to backwards 3's to get the message across.

Sweet Jesus, some schools start earlier than I thought!  The red background and "YOU WILL LEARN THINGS" sort of makes it out like this is a school for the damned, doesn't it?

Oh dear.  Here's hoping that the "differance" that these teachers are making aren't in their ability to teach spelling...

Hmmm...well, I suppose that in botany class, this deal would be one to jump all over.  Or, at the very least, you could grow a vegetable garden for extra credit in science class - well, in the precious time before the first frost anyway.

Ahem...not that I would actually know anything about this at all...but when you're in high school, some schools offer these for free!  It's also a sad statistic on the state of the world, but not as sad as the one that the next photo showcases.

See what I mean?

Since when do pharmacies sell beer?  Maybe it's an American thing?  At any rate, it seems like kind of a pointless deal, since anyone in high school would be too young to legally purchase it.  Unless of course, it's for the teachers. displays for Back to School.  Yep, it's definitely for the teachers!

On that note, what a perfect quote to end this blog off!  See you next Monday, everybody!


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