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Monday, August 04, 2014

Fifteen Funny Fast Food Signs

Okay, guys!  Today is a civic holiday here in my home province of Ontario, Canada, and for the first time in what seems like forever, I actually have a holiday off!  So, as a result of this, I'm going to be making this blog entry a little bit on the brief side.

But given that today is
FUNNY MONDAY, and that Funny Monday posts are usually 75% photos, I figure that today would be a good day to have a lazy day.

So, the topic of discussion today is...Fast Food Signs.

I'm sure that if you go anywhere near a designated Fast Food Alleyway (where it seems that every second structure is a fast food place), you'll notice that every single place has one of those signs which have the removable magnetic letters that people go out and change to advertise specials like a Whopper, Big Mac, Baconator, or 20-piece bucket of chicken.  In most cases, the signs are written very well and get the point across.

Sometimes, a person might run out of letters and substitute 1's for I's, 3's for E's and 5's for S's.  It's annoying for us to read, but at least the person who did the signs thought a little outside of the box and still got the word out.

But then there are fast food signs which are just plain BIZARRE.  And some that are funny - both intentionally and unintentionally.

So, I scoured the web looking for fifteen of the funniest fast food signs that I could spot.  And, I want to credit Flickr, Buzzfeed, Rant Lifestyle, and Slightly Warped for the photos used in this piece.

Now, here's a question for you.  Which fast food place do you figure would have the most screw-ups?  Burger King?  McDonald's?  Taco Bell?  Pizza Hut?

Would you believe that the winning restaurant (at least in the ones that I found anyway) was Wendy's?  Of the fifteen examples that I found online, one-third of them were from Wendy's!  So, we'll start off with the Wendy's signs, and proceed to the other fast food places one by one.  Did your favourite make the list?

Okay, so I don't really know if this was a legitimate goof, or if it was done as a practical joke by someone who is obviously disgruntled with their job.  But way to perpetuate the stereotype about fast food workers, Wendy's...way to go.

It's nice to see that this particular Wendy's has fish.  It's also very disturbing to see that you actually don't need to know grammar to be able to sell said fish at this particular Wendy's.  But hey, when they pipe in all their money into commercials where the red-haired girl sings about her unhealthy obsession with pretzel bun burgers, I suppose grammar does take a back seat.

Good idea on paper...bad execution.

Now, this one has a back story behind it.  In 2002, the founder of Wendy's Restaurants, Dave Thomas, passed away.  And, I can definitely see why some restaurants would want to use their signage to pay their respects.  But tacking on that "Now Hiring" sign at the bottom - well, that just adds a touch of elegance to the whole thing, doesn't it?

Who needs Soylent Green when a Bacon Mushroom Melt is so much tastier?  Oh yeah...Wendy's is hiring!  Better make sure you add in "tastes delicious" in your application!

I'll admit...I did try pulling this off when I was a kid.  It wasn't long before I learned that in order to get a Blizzard, I would have to be quiet in the car.  And even then, that was no guarantee.  But I do give credit to Dairy Queen for trying something creative in their marketing gimmicks.

This is one of those cases in which the name of the business has an unfortunate side effect on the products sold within.

I'm curious to know what kind of toppings come with that Burger King dish.

I should hope so!!!

Okay, so I'm just assuming that when they talk about Spongebob, they're really talking about those toys that you get inside of a Kids Meal.  And, I'm sure that when they talk about hiring managers, they're really looking for a new manager to run the place.  Otherwise, this entire photo would have to be taken underwater, and the name of the restaurant would have to be changed to the Krusty Krab.  Still would be cool to be hired by a cartoon character.

Okay, I'm supposed to pay for my dollar and nickel combo with WHAT?!?

Oh, dear.  I'm guessing that this is one of those unfortunate situations in which the name of the town combined with the logo of a fast food place turns into something naughty.  Either that, or this is one of the largest personal ads ever created.

This is another brilliant sign that was inspired by a real-life event.  Remember a couple of years ago when Chick-fil-A caused controversy with their comments about gay and lesbian people?  I even wrote a blog about it HERE.  Well, unlike Chick-fil-A, KFC decided that they would issue their own statement.  A statement that would allow everybody to feel welcome.  I think the Colonel would have been proud.

Happy Valentine's Day, honey!  I want you to put on your finest evening dress and wear that perfume that makes you smell so nice.  I managed to get us into one of the finest restaurants in town.  I certainly hope you like to be treated like a princess, because we're going to dine inside of a castle!

Well.  At least the person doing this sign is honest.

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