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Monday, September 15, 2014

Spelling and Punctuation Matter!

I'll be perfectly blunt with all of you.  Spelling mistakes happen to the best of us.  In fact, as someone who gets really annoyed by bad spelling and misuse of punctuation and grammar, even I'm the first one to admit that I've made spelling errors in a variety of different places.  I've misspelled words in homework assignments, Facebook comments, and I'll admit that over 1,213 blog entries, I've made a couple of errors in this very blog.  But you know, sometimes that's the way that the world works.  Sometimes mistakes happen, and you usually have two choices when dealing with them.

You can either erase the mistake and write it correctly, or you can leave it to laugh about later on.  I'm positive that most of us - if given the opportunity to - will try to fix any mistakes that take place because I'm sure that most of us don't like to make them.

Ah, but here's the key point that I want to make.  What if you lose the opportunity to correct yourself, or what if you don't have time to make any last minute edits to your copy that you submit to a publisher or editor?  Well, you might end up getting a little bit of egg on your face when you realize that your spelling and/or grammatical mistakes are in full view to the general public.  In fact, I'll be providing a really funny example of this at the very end of this blog.

However, some of these mistakes that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and even screen captions on news programs can make you laugh and chuckle over the ridiculousness of how it is presented.  Sometimes the errors are so blatantly obvious that you can't help but chuckle, but other times the typos completely change the meaning of a sentence, going from harmless to hilarious with just a simple transposition of letters.

And in this edition of FUNNY MONDAY, I found exactly twenty examples of some of the funniest typographical and grammatical errors that I've found from the internet.  Maybe you'll laugh, and maybe you won't.  Either way, I had fun finding them!

As always, I want to give credit to You Can Be Funny, 11 Points,,,, My Typo Humour, and my personal favourite, Get Thee To An Editor!

I love that title! 

All right, so are we ready to kick off today's entry of typographical blunders?  Let's get to it!

1.  Sometimes, the words can be spelled perfectly correctly, just put in the wrong order.  But I would love to be able to live in a house that has the power to destroy fire.  Maybe it has a waterfall guarding the front door?

2.  I'm not exactly sure that this is really the most hygenic way to keep warm, but whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

3.  Well...if I had to pull an all-nighter, I'd probably type headlines like this as well.  Or, perhaps he's just drunk.  Or perhaps he died and did a faceplant in the keyboard of his laptop.  Too bad there's no follow up article.

4.  I'm not exactly sure where this mystical, magical place known as "Missippi" can be found, but apparently they can read and write there.  Maybe it's somewhere near "Loisana", or "Floda"?

5.  I don't know.  Does we?

6.  Guess what!  If you're impaired, you can legally drive in the UK!  This lady says so!  Maybe this was done during the annual purge there?  Oh...wait.  That movie's a fictional one?  My bad.

7.  My question can you tell if you have a wrong one?

8.  Leave it to a guy named Wenster to give Webster some competition in the wordsmith game.  I suppose Wenster helped get "selfie" in his own dictionary first!

9.  Well, isn't this headline chock full of irony?

10.  You're right.  The text inside the spark logo isn't a misprint.  The text beside it on the other hand makes me very nervous.  Maybe I need to calm down with a nice glass of orgainc milk.

11.  Fruit is not a font.  This publisher learned his/her lesson the hard way.

12.  We also may never know why this person failed his grade seven homonyms quiz.

13.  Unbeknownst to the person who created this headline, they proved their point marvelously.  And THAT'S no lie.

14.  I'm honestly not sure if this headline is real or an elaborate fabrication.  But what a royal f@#$-up this turned out to be, huh? 

15.  Sometimes, it's not the way you write the word, but the order in which you type in the keys.  But, you can't really get too mad at this person.  After all, the "R" and "F" keys are in close proximity.  And technically they did spell a proper word.

16.  This headline reminds me of that lesser known Madonna hit.  "Come on, vouge.  Your face has got too much rouge, you know you don't need it..."

17.  At least the newspaper can admit to making mistakes by printing a "correrction" once in a while.


19.  I think it's awesome that they now have laws for drunk driving (maybe they learned their lesson from image #6).  Now they need to do something about drunk headline captioners.

20.  Oh, FOX News.  No.  Just no. 

And, now for my example.  One that I didn't catch until...oh...four months after I posted it.  Sigh.

When I was coming up with the new look for 2014, I wanted to redo the logos.  A friend of mine came up with the heading for 2014, and I wanted to come up with an avatar to match.  Which I did.  Have a look.

Now, it didn't take me until just now to realize this, but the website address for the blog is written wrong, using an "@" sign instead of a period.  It's a minor mistake in retrospect, but one I should have caught.  So, joke's on me! 

But hey, nobody's perfect.

In the meantime, I did some playing around and redid this avatar and here's the finished product.

Now, I know it doesn't quite match the logo up least, not yet anyway.  All I'm going to say is that 2015 is just three and a half months away.

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