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Monday, October 06, 2014

Down Goes The Bride, Deep-Six The Groom...

Today on FUNNY MONDAY, a different kind of funny.

In fact, this will probably be the first Funny Monday post that I do that will include both pictures and videos.

Now, the inspiration behind this post comes from an activity that I recently attended.  You see, a couple of days ago, I went to the wedding ceremony of a couple of friends of mine (with Mom's blessing as she wanted me to take some photos of the wedding for her to look at).  The people who were involved in the wedding planning really worked their tails off, and it was definitely one of the most fantastic wedding ceremonies that I have ever attended.  If ever I get married, I might just have to borrow a couple of the ideas that they came up with for their ceremony for my own.

Well, again, the key word here is if I get married.  If not, well, I can incorporate those ideas for my 40th birthday in seven years.  That'd be fun.

Anyway, I'm really glad that everything went well for them and that the day went by without as much as anything going wrong.  And, well...if anything did go wrong, none of us guests were aware of it because we were too busy having fun.

But of course, there are going to be some instances in which something can happen that throws an entire wedding out of focus.  And usually, these moments are quite hysterical when you watch them or relive them years from now, but when they happen in the moment they can be a bride or groom's worst nightmare.

So, let's take a look at some of the funny things that might seem mortifying at first, but ends up being rather funny to outsiders looking in.  I must warn you that some of the videos in the post might seem like they are staged.  They very well could be.  But even so, they do represent a potential wedding day disaster that might happen. 

Oh, and credit goes to Buzzfeed, ABC News, Bridal Expo Chicago, Wedding Cake Toppers,, and YouTube for the pictures and clips that you're about to see in this piece.

1.  When sending out your wedding invitations, it's cool to be creative...but at the same time, don't make your wedding invitation look like one of those ads you find on the back of a comic book.

2.  It might also be a fantastic idea to write your own wedding invitations.  You certainly wouldn't want the wrong person to promote your very special day - especially your future mother-in-law who happens to bring a special gift of bitterness to the invite.

3.  Many brides choose to double-barrel their name because they are reluctant to give up their old name.  But in the cases of these wedding announcements, sometimes it just doesn't work out.

4.  It might be a good idea to do a tour of the wedding venue before you take photographs.  Those pesky water fountains can be a major hazard.

5.  It also might not be a good idea to get married on a slippery platform in the middle of a pool.

6.  It's also probably not a good idea to light fireworks INSIDE OF A WEDDING VENUE WHILE THE COUPLE ARE SAYING THEIR I DO'S!

7.  It might also be a good idea to make sure that your groomsmen's suits are properly altered so that they fit like a glove.  Otherwise, you may have one of them providing a "wardrobe malfunction" on the way out of the chapel.

8.  Now, the wedding reception is a great place to relax, chill, and drink merrily as you get down on the dance floor jiving along to Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, or One Direction songs.  But if the dance floor happens to be outdoors, you probably shouldn't do a striptease on one of those flimsy tent poles.

9.  Everyone is always looking for ways to make their wedding photos memorable.  The couple on the left probably isn't the best example of this.

10.  And finally, when it comes to ordering a wedding cake...don't use these.

(Oi...that last one is enough to cause grounds for divorce!!!)

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