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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Controversial Magazine Ads

Okay, so I'm running short on time today, so this blog entry will be made up of mostly funny photos.  It's like the old style FUNNY MONDAY posts that I used to do - only it's on a Thursday instead.  And frankly, FUNNY THURSDAY just doesn't have that same ring to it.

Anyway, the topic for today's feature presentation is magazine ads.  Anyone who has ever picked up an issue of TIME, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, or People will likely encounter a variety of ads scattered throughout a standard copy.  Did you know that the average magazine has a total of fifty or more print advertisements in each issue that it puts out?  I suppose that publications really don't have a choice in the matter though.  Every ad that appears in the magazine means more promotion for them, and it probably makes the publications a lot of money as well.

But have you ever wondered how some ads even get to be published inside the magazines in the first place?  Some are just horrible.  Some miss the mark.  Some are filled with sexual innuendo.  Some are plain sexist.  And some just make you laugh.

So let's take a look at some of these ads through the years, shall we?

1.  I'm not gonna lie.  This is classic.

2.  And this ad just makes me want to lose my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one.  Seriously, is there any need for that?

3.  Maybe they could guarantee it in 1974 or whatever year this ad first came out, but I guarantee you that in 2015, you'll need more than a groovy tuxedo!

4.  Rest in peace, Gumby.  Maybe Pokey can avenge your death by pelting those nasty altoids with tic tacs.

5.  I suppose if chocolate made her gassy, she could have two things she would regret.

6.  That's what they all say...

7.  You know what they say about kids and 7-up.  If they don't develop juvenile diabetes by the time they're eight years old, they'll never get it.

8.  I think Joe Nichols had it wrong.  Tequila doesn't make her clothes fall off.  Coppertone does.

9.  Those cough drops contain WHAT?!?

10.  Yeah, like the gum is the thing that you're really looking at here.  The pathetic thing is...I think I have the same underwear in my drawer at home...

(And no, that is NOT me in the photo.)

11. times have changed.

12.  I bet you'd never see an ad like this during the Salem Witch Trials...

13.  I bet she can think of someone...ah, I mean, something else she can burn instead.

14.  I can think of a few things the wife can give him back in return.  None of them good, by the way.

15.  I don't know about any of you, but if a man can supposedly be bought for the same price as canned ham, I would consider that insulting.  Oh, and the fact that the woman is trying to lure a man into her orbit by pretending he's Yogi Bear doesn't really make the situation pleasant either.

16.  So, what is this ad saying?  You can eschew law school and become a lawyer simply by using Facebook?  I wonder if people earn doctorates this way?

17.  Yes.  Women can open ketchup bottles.  They can also use the ketchup bottle as a weapon against the person who came up with this horrible ad. 

18.  I'm not even going to comment on this one...

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