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Monday, January 12, 2015

Trivia 34: The Pop Culture Addict Speaks!

I will be the first one to admit that I am finding this new format for the blog in the year 2015 to be much easier to maintain.  No longer do I feel as though I have to stay up for hours on end to do a ton of research and fact checking.  Writing from the heart has been so much easier for me to do...and it also frees up more time for me to do other things.  After all, no more excuses, right.  The more free time I have, the more I can find ways to improve my life from here.

After all, 2014 was admittedly a rough year.  2015 can only get better from here.  After all, I have some great news to share.  My mother's kidneys are a lot better than they were four months ago, and if she keeps doing what she has been doing, she will be as good as new in no time!  That's something to celebrate, right?

And, this coming summer, there will be even more to celebrate as in August 2015, my parents will be celebrating their...hold on, wait for it...FIFTIETH wedding anniversary!  Fifty years of marriage!  That's like 225 years in Hollywood! 

And, while 2015 does not mark a milestone for me by any means (aside from the fact that it will be fifteen years since I graduated high school), I will tell you that I am going to be turning 34 years old this year.

Wow...34.  I think that's how old Marge Simpson was when "The Simpsons" debuted in 1989.  Weirdly enough, she still happens to be 34 some quarter of a century later.  If only we were all so lucky.

But 34 is a good age.  34 is a number that I see being a lucky one.  After all, three plus four equals seven, which some would consider to be the luckiest number of all!

Of course, my thirty-fourth birthday doesn't happen for a few months yet, but I thought that since we're on the subject of the number 34 (and because I was admittedly struggling to find a topic for today), I thought it would be a good idea to reveal thirty-four pieces of trivia about the person who has been keeping this blog up and running for almost four years now!

Some of these you may already know, but some of you might be pleasantly surprised at what I may reveal. 

So, here we go.  Thirty-four facts about THE POP CULTURE ADDICT!

1.  I was born on a monday morning at 7:35 am.  Even though I was born a morning person, it doesn't mean that I have always been one!

2.  Whenever I know I don't have to work the next morning, it is not uncommon for me to turn in at 2:30 in the morning.  What can I say?  I do my best writing when the sky is dark.

3.  I have a comic book collection that runs into the 4000+ range.  Most are of Archie, of course.

4.  I learned how to read before I learned how to talk.  Don't believe me?  Ask my parents!

5.  i accidentally knocked over my sister's make-up shelf when I was eleven.  As a result, our family bathroom smelled like exclamation perfume for two whole weeks.

6.  I've only been hospitalized twice in my life - once in 1988 for an asthma attack, and once in 2011 to extract my infected gall bladder.

7.  I have only ever broken one bone - my left pinky finger.

8.  My birthstone is the emerald.

9.  My starsign is taurus, the bull.

10.  I used to have an extreme case of globophobia (fear of balloons popping).  It has gotten better, but I still will not pop a balloon voluntarily.

11.  I have 1,011 songs stored on my iPod.

12.  My most recent television guilty pleasure?  Bar Rescue.

13.  I have an addiction to chocolate.  And, no, I am in no rush to go to chocoholics Anonymous for treatment...but on the brighter side...

14.  I can probably go a whole year and only drink a maximum of three alcoholic beverages during that whole time.

15.  My most prized possession is my train ornament that appears on our family christmas tree each year. 

16.  Although I do have a cell phone, I could (and have) gone days without using it once.  I like to have one for emergency purposes.

17.  I do not have any piercings whatsoever.

18.  ditto for tattoos.  Although I appreciate the art that goes into making tattoos, I would never get one because I do not like needles.

19.  my locker number in high school was 2121.

20.  My locker combination in high school was 44-37-06

21.  My ambition as a child was to appear on the television show "You Can't Do That On Television".  Sadly, the show got cancelled before I became old enough to even audition.

22.  The very first video game I ever played was mario brothers.  Not the one where you jump on goombas and save the princess.  The one BEFORE that one.

23.  The very first album that I purchased with my own money was U2's "Achtung Baby".

24.  I have a mild allergy to strawberries.  I eat one, I turn the colour of one.

25.  I hate football, but will watch the Super Bowl just for the Halftime Show.

26.  The only awards show that I will ever watch is the Grammy Awards.

27.  My hair is unfortunately thinning.  But at the very least, it is still dark.

28.  I refuse to shave my hair completely off.  I still have emotional scars from the time I nearly shaved my head at 15.

29.  I consider myself to have excellent penmanship, and am seriously trying to come up with ways to turn that into a side business.

30.  The most I have ever won on a scratch and win lottery ticket is fifty dollars.

31.  I openly admit to watching "EastEnders" on YouTube, as new episodes do not air in canada.  Sorry, Coronation Street fans!

32.  On my second day of my current job, I accidentally destroyed an entire display of holiday air fresheners after I lost control of a pallet jack.  I'm amazed they kept me.

33.  I wear a wristwatch with a blue M&M on the face.

34.  I still feel extremely comfortable with the new direction that "A Pop Culture Addict's Guide To Life" is taking.  More importantly, I am extremely comfortable at the new direction that I seem to be taking as well.  My only hope is that the rest of 2015 seems to go in that same direction!

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