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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Slumming It - The Perks Of A Furniture Free Home (For Now)

I can't believe that in less than three days from now, I'll be at my permanent new address!

Although I technically have until the end of August for me to get all of my stuff out of the apartment - and believe me, with the amount of stuff that I have accumulated over the years, I am going to need every last day - I will be heading over there at the beginning of August to work on painting, scrubbing, ripping, tearing...basically fixing up the place. 

And, well...until all of the renovations are complete (or more than likely, until I run out of money), I will be living in a mostly empty house.

It makes no sense to move in my furniture right now before I get all of the renovations finished.  It is such a pain to throw plastic covers all over beds, couches, and wooden tables just so you don't drip any paint on them.  Believe me, I know from experience.

Now, living in a house completely devoid of furniture is a very strange experience.  The walls always echo, the space inside is too open and yet you feel strangely claustrophobic.  You know that at some point, the house will become more of a home, but until it does, you know that it's going to be at least a couple of weeks of roughing it.

Fortunately, I came prepared.

It helps immensely that I called ahead and asked the utility companies to hook a brother up, so at least I have lights, water, and gas heating - not that I really need the last one right now as we're in the middle of a heatwave, but it's nice to know that I have it, just in case we get an August snowstorm, or what have you.

I also bought my temporary bed to use just until I get my bed packed up and ready to go.

Bam.  Cost me about $50, but this way I can always use it as a spare in case I get any company over.  I just hope that it is comfortable. 

Then again, when I went to university, the beds that we got were so hard and uncomfortable that I had to use that eggshell foam to make it more slumber worthy.  Air mattresses aren't nearly that firm.

And what I mean by firm, I mean plywood like.

I'm also slowly, but surely, bringing in a few boxes of my belongings that I will either store in the garage or the upstairs.  Since most of the renovations will be done downstairs, I figure it's a good bet to store them there.  Besides, with having no TV and no Internet at the house (at least not until September), I'm going to have to bring a lot of books with me to pass the time.  Lucky for me, I have like five thousand of them. 

(What can I say?  I'm an avid reader.)

Perhaps the biggest challenge will come from the fact that while I have heating figured out...I do not have central air yet.  So, the next couple of weeks will be rough for sleeping.  I'll probably be bringing a fan or two or thirty-seven just to keep me cool.

Though, I suppose I could just sleep in the basement for now.  I haven't decided yet.

Either way, I know that the end date is coming very roughing it for a while will be so worth it.  Besides, I could use the quiet time to reflect on some things.  Real thought provoking things.

Things like...should I use baby blue for the walls, or a deeper shade?

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  1. Well written, just take time when your fixing up your place. Also don't be afraid to ask for help, or advice from people. I'm so happy what you have done for yourself, and keep going strong my friend. :)