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Saturday, July 18, 2015

What To Do With Slanted Ceilings?

I know nothing about interior decorating at all.  I am no Martha Stewart, or Nate Berkus, or even any of those Trading Spaces people.

(Remember Trading Spaces?  I do.  It was an interesting show, I have to say.)

Of course, the whole idea of interior decorating has been a foreign concept to me for my whole life.  Having grown up in a renter's family where we could not make any improvements to our living space until we got permission from a landlord first, I was pretty much going to have to accept living in spaces with off-white walls and dinginess all around.

So because this is the very first time in my whole life that I will have total control in how a structure looks, I want to feel comfortable and safe the minute I walk inside. 

And I think I've gotten off to a really good start.  I've gotten some colours in my mind that I think will look good together (an amazing feat since I'm a male and most people believe males to be colour and pattern blind), I have an idea as to what kind of furniture that I will need to make the place as showroom ready as I can make it, and I've been watching every possible home improvement show that I can possibly watch to get some ideas for my new place of residence. 

I've even posted photos of the place on social media and have gotten some really creative ideas from my pals, which is always very appreciated.  Some of them have been really good ones, and every bit of advice certainly helps.

For instance, have a look at my bathroom cabinets.  The geese were probably cutting edge in 1986, but much like Wham!, The Bangles, and Bananarama, they're quite out of date now.  Sorry, birdies.  You gotta go.  And apparently, 90% of my friends agree with my initial decision to remove them from the cabinet.  Oh's for the best.

And to my relief, the new place doesn't need nearly as much work done on it as I thought it did.  Sure, there's a lot of projects that need to be tackled, but most of it is in phenomenal shape.  I got a great deal on it, for sure.

Of course, some projects will be harder to tackle than others, and when it comes to getting ideas, a couple of my friends suggested that I create a Pinterest account, so that I can get some ideas on how to incorporate pictures of rooms posted there into my own home.

And well...I thought that I would use this space today to talk about one challenge that I will be facing in my own home.

I'd like to show you a couple of pictures of what is going to be my bedroom. 

The bedroom itself is not going to be much work to prepare.  The blue walls will be repainted in different colours, and I have a walk-in closet (which is definitely an asset). 

The one thing that will be difficult to work with is the fact that the ceilings are sloped.  It's not the first time that I've had sloped ceilings in a home - our attic was filled with them.  But trying to maximize space in a sloped ceiling room while still making it look good will be the ultimate challenge.  And while I'm sure that I can get most of my bedroom furniture in the room without any problem, I'm not sure how to arrange it so that it looks great.

Hence the need for Pinterest.  Would you believe that there are hundreds of ways to camouflage a sloped ceiling?  And when I look at these photos, it gives me a lot of interesting ideas. 

I thought I'd share some of them here, and comment on them.  And, if any of you reading this have any ideas, feel free to post them here!

You know, the size issue is definitely an issue with this design.  My room is not that big.  However, I like the concept of putting the bed diagonally.  It opens up room for other objects around the perimeter.  Other than that, I really like the layout.

I also like the layout of this room as well.  Granted, my room won't be as child like...well, not the bedroom anyway.  But this set up will likely be similar to what I want my own room to look like.

Now this design, I get mixed feelings about.  Certainly the design looks comfortable, and I do love the look of the room.  The only thing that would throw me off is that every time I would sit down in it, I would feel compelled to order a bacon double cheeseburger, a side of fries, and a chocolate malted.  Still, it's a very creative use of space.  Kudos to the designer.

My upstairs den also has slanted ceilings, and my goal for it was to make it into a little mini library.  These shelves are a brilliant idea to maximize the space!

Okay, so this space is a little barren, but this is exactly how I think I'll be positioning my bed when I get it in there.  I was going to have the headboard next to the window, but I think I would have more room by lining it up sideways.  Just my thoughts.

I also like the idea of putting up lots of pictures and decals to take your attention away from the bare slanted walls.  I honestly see so many pictures on this wall that I never notice that it is a slanted ceiling.  Of course, I don't nearly have that many pictures to put up on my own walls, but I like the concept.

I also like this idea to cover up the slanted walls...but if I do this with my own room, I'll be doing something more masculine than this.

Another idea would be to put the bed in the corner, and have a nightstand with a lamp on it beside it.  That way, I could put my TV and Blu-Ray player in the corner...if I wanted to keep it upstairs that is.  I haven't decided yet.

But ideally, my dream room design would be something like this...especially in my mini library room.  But instead of drawers, they would be shelves for books.  I do like the little daybed area though.  It would make a great nook for reading!

But ultimately, I tell myself this.  It doesn't really matter what the room looks like in the end...because no matter what I do to it, I can always change it later.  I have the freedom to do that now, and believe me.  I'm taking full advantage.


  1. I too have the slanted ceilings ..I think putting the bed on slanted wall although it looks good is not practical if you do sit up in bed...

  2. I too have the slanted ceilings ..I think putting the bed on slanted wall although it looks good is not practical if you do sit up in bed...