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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hotel Signs That Don't Quite Work

I think that for today, I will be lightening things up.  It has been a while since I have done a post with funny images, so I decided to make today FUNNY THURSDAY.

It's just a part of a complete YOU NEVER NOVEMBER WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET month!

And for today, I thought I would take a look at the funny signs that can be found around hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, and even in the hotel rooms themselves!

We're heading towards December at full speed, and this is definitely the time of year in which people start planning their getaways to escape the frosty days of winter.  Whether you are going home for the holidays, or whether you are planning on taking an extended sabbatical from all things winter, it's almost a guarantee that unless you're staying with friends or family members, you'll be checking into a place of lodging.

Whether that place of lodging is the Plaza Hotel or the Motel 6 down the highway, you know that hotels all over the place have signs posted in restaurants, lobbies, and even bathrooms in hopes of making your stay a little more pleasant.

But what happens when those very signs get lost in translation, post useless advice, or are just plain offensive? 

Well, let's find out, shall we?

As always, I wish to offer credit to Pinterest,,,,,,, and for the images presented today.

1.  Someone should probably let this hotel know the real definition of free.

2.  OH MY GOD!  JACKEE IS HERE!  I loved her in 227, and Sister Sister, and all those other shows she was on too!  I hope I get her autograph and...

...oh, wait.  That's Jacky, not Jackee.  My bad.

3.  Let's go to the hotel that is floating up above our heads!  I always wanted to stay at the Sky Palace!

4.  So does that mean you'll pull the alarm, spray me in the face with a fire extinguisher and chop off my head with a fire axe?  Now that's service!

5.  For $49.95, that poo better damn well be refreshing! 

6.  Yes, this hotel's staff can speak English quite well.  Writing it, on the other hand...and, what is up with the pictures underneath?  You're allowed to go down the stairs on a wheelchair?

7.  Okay, if you can make heads or tales out of this message, do feel free to use the comments section of this blog and let me know.  Because after staring at this image for more than five minutes, I don't know what else to say.

8.  This hotel must be owned by the people that run that Ashley Madison cheat dating site.  Or, perhaps Hugh Grant bought it.  Who can say, really?

9.  Intoxicated people take note.  If you fall over this balcony, you will never have to worry about nursing a hangover ever again.

10.  An interesting perspective for sure...but honestly I would probably be more offended by the cockroaches crawling around than the cigarette butts.

11.  Well, one thing you can say about this hotel and casino's name.  They appreciate honesty.

12.  Baltic Bitch Hotel?  Oh dear.  Can you think of a hotel with a more offensive name than this one?

13.  Y'know, I stand corrected.  Well played Dick.  Well played.

14.  The Old Weak Ill Disability and Pregnant Lounge.  Well, if Betty White breaks her hip, gets sick with the flu, and happens to get pregnant, she'd fit right in.

15.  The toilet is not a foot massager.  Not that you should ever really try this.  I actually want to know the circumstances behind why this sign was even put here in the first place!

16.  This sign = awesomeness!  But, seriously, if you're in a burning building, don't take a selfie.

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