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Saturday, November 08, 2014

If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Frosted The Cake Correctly...

Well, we're already one week into "YOU NEVER NOVEMBER WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET" month, and already I am having a lot of fun with switching things up in this blog.

Like for instance, with today's blog post.

I know that Saturdays have been all about movie posts the last few months, but this Saturday, I thought I would take the opportunity to make you all laugh.  That's why I have decided to make

(Hey, I'm a master at schedule reshuffling, not names.)

And, a Saturday morning program inspired this post.

I hate to admit it, but "Saved By The Bell" was the show that gave me the idea for this show.  In particular, the third season episode known as "Zack's Birthday" which originally aired in 1991.

It was the episode in which Zack was celebrating his birthday the same week that he, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Kelly, and Jessie were about to spend the summer at Malibu Sands Beach Club.  Five of the six had gotten jobs at the club, while Lisa's parents were members (therefore Lisa was also a member and didn't need to work, but hung around the gang anyway). 

That episode kicked off the infamous "Saved By The Bell at the Beach" arc where Zack falls in love with Stacey Carosi, his boss is the guy that eventually plays Pumbaa on "The Lion King", and Kelly and Lisa discover that living with Jessie is not an easy task.

But one significant plot point of "Zack's Birthday" is the fact that Zack's friends are trying to throw him a surprise birthday party at the beach club.  And anybody who has ever tried to throw a surprise party knows how challenging it is.  Especially when you are trying to answer calls at the reception desk while placing an order for a birthday cake - as Jessie tried to do. 

This was the end result.

"Happy Wrong Number By The Sea".  Now, isn't that a phrase you'd find on a Hallmark card!

But it got me thinking.  Depending on phone connections, enunciation, and just plain common sense (or lack there of), there has to be other examples of cakes that had the best of intentions, but came out wrong, funny, or just plain offensive.

Well, why don't we take a look at some other desserts that ended up getting their...just desserts...and why some cake decorators should maybe pursue another hobby.  Macrame.  Finger painting.  Chainsaw juggling.  Anything but cake decorating!

We'll get to these examples of cakes gone bad in a moment.  But first, let me credit,,,,,, and for the images used in today's post.

Okay.  Let's see some cakes that should have probably never been frosted.

1.  Poor Suzanne.  Her going away cake was ruined by a cake decorator who apparently couldn't understand the meaning or spelling of "underneath".

2.  How the heck many ways can you spell a name?  This poor guy attempted it at least five tries.  Hopefully the purple icing tastes good.

3.  Well doesn't this cake just scream mixed signals?

4.  As small as possible?  Is that in reference to the cake, the text, or the IQ of the icing handler?

5.  As ordered by a 47-year-old who clearly doesn't care about birthday celebrations.

6.  AUGH!  As if this cake wasn't horribly executed enough - they misspelled the word sprinkles!

7.  I don't believe I have ever heard of a high school called Fireworks Explosion High...but it sounds like it would have been a lot more fun than my own high school.

8.  What happens when your cake decorator flunks cursive writing, yet holds a degree in just plain...cursing.

9.  Okay, who the hell is Marry Christmos and why does she get her own cake?

10.  Congratulations!  You flunked cake decorating school!  Your reward?  This cake.

11. be fair, they did spell Sheri's name the way it was supposed to be spelled.

12.  Happy Birthday, Adam With Blue Flowers.  Yours truly, Carly Without Word Filter.

13.  You know your birthday must suck when your cake "Rickrolls" you.

14.  You know, writing the words "Happy Birthday" would have ironically used less time and icing.  Just saying.

15.  I just...I can't...

16.  Maga kum latte, guys.  Maga kum latte.

17.  Guilt trips.  Now in French Vanilla.

18.  Geez, this message on this cake must be so offensive that it censors itself!

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