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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Could You Survive The Hunger Games? Here's A Simulation!

You know how sometimes you come across a website on the Internet that looks interesting by the description that you read on Google?  And once you click on it, you instantly become so addicted to it that you find yourself spending a couple of hours on it?

Well, I'm not afraid to admit it, but I found that website.

And surprisingly enough, it's not Netflix.  Though I have to admit, I do love my Netflix.

No, it's a website that can be found HERE.  Go on, click it!

Here on, you can find a lot of things to do.  In particular, you can play a simulated version of "Survivor", "Big Brother" or "The Hunger Games"! 

Seriously, this guy is a total genius.  He has done so much research in all of these seasons of Survivor and Big Brother, and has likely read or watched all of the Hunger Games books and films, and created simulations with ALL of the characters of each season.

You can even insert past contestants from past reality shows, or you can play along yourself if you like.  And it got me thinking...

...could I survive the Hunger Games? 

Now, having just watched the first film (yeah, I've been living under a rock the last two or three years), and reading the books, I know that I would likely be the first one to die.  But because this is a simulation, I think I would be interested in finding out just how far I would go.

So, I took my profile pic from my Twitter account, and inserted it into the place of one of the unnamed contestants from the first Hunger Games film.  So, for the sake of argument, I'm a part of District 3.  You can tell which one I am, as the photo looks nothing like the others!

Ready?  Let's see if I survive the bloodbath.

Whew.  Well, so far so good.  I seem to have a bit of teamwork going on with Districts 8 and 9, not to mention Cato.  Teamwork is very good.  Means that you'll less likely die.

Or, it means that you'll get stabbed in the back with a sickle. 

So now that I've survived the initial melee, let's see what my future holds.

Well, I seem to now be making pals with District 10, but I'm doing not so nice things like raiding people's camps for supplies.  I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me later on.

Now, at the end of each day, those who are familiar with the Hunger Games know that a cannonball is shot every time a tribute loses his/her life.  In this simulator, every time a tribute dies, their image is greyed out.

Notice how Katniss Everdeen ended up being killed off during my simulator?  While we know Katniss goes on to become the ultimate heroine of the Hunger Games, the simulator can be such that it becomes impossible to predict who will live and who will die.

As for me, I've survived my first day.  Let's see what night brings.

Sweet!  I was given a fresh water supply by a sponsor!  Apparently during the Hunger Games, people can send tributes gifts ranging from weapons and armor to fresh food and water.  After all, the goal of the Hunger Games is to survive as long as possible.  Thanks to my fresh water supply, I may just stand a chance.  Let's see if I can last another day.

And, I do...though I'm a little concerned about that Cato fellow.  I wonder what will happen to me?

Well, the good news is that nobody died on Day #2.  Let's move on to the night.

Um, yeah, we'll just chalk this up to delirium.  Yeah, that's it.  And while we're at it, Glimmer's fate?  Yikes.  This is precisely why the simulation is designed so that only people over the age of 13 can play.

And, hey!  It looks like I found a cave!  That could make a neat hiding spot in the future!

And look!  I just received some medical supplies from a sponsor!  I'm on a freakin' roll!  Nothing can stop me now!

Uh-oh!  As we proceed into Night #5, one of my allies apparently tries to kill me!  Thankfully that bond I made with the District #9 male saved my bacon.  This time.

Yikes!  Sometimes you have an arena event happen periodically such as the border rapidly contracting, or a volcano erupting in the arena, or a tsunami approaching.  In this case, we have a swarm of tracker jackers - a souped up version of a killer bee.  This does not bode well.

Whew.  Made it.

But sadly, it looks like my journey has come to an end.  Apparently I was too weak-willed to continue on, and I formed a suicide pact with three other tributes.  Too bad too...I was well on my way to winning.

Oh, well.  Congratulations, District 7 Female.

But, I didn't do too badly.  6th place out of 24 tributes?  I'll take it...even though I died. 

So, that was my fate in The Hunger Games.  I almost made it to the end, but in the end, they broke me.  Now, let's see how you do!

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