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Monday, May 12, 2014

Motivation Monday - Parents!

All right, so this edition of the blog is going to be on the short side, but trust me.  I think that you're going to love it. 

Now, as you know from last week, I've implemented some new theme days for the blog's upcoming three year anniversary, and I'm so happy to see that all of you are liking the changes so far.  I'll tell you guys, in my past life experiences, I've not really been all that receptive to changes, but seeing how positive these ones seem to be, I'm thinking that I could summon up the courage to try a whole bunch of new things. 

Well, we'll see anyway.

For now, I just want to go ahead with this week's edition of "MOTIVATION MONDAY".  As you know, I've designated Mondays to be the date in which we will showcase the newest episode of the chat show that I am a part of.  It's a little venture that I like to call "MOTIVE4CHANGE"!

Now, if you tuned into the show last week (and if you missed that episode, you can click HERE to watch previous shows that we taped), you'll know that the Motive4Change name is a bit of a change in itself.  Before, the show was called "MOTIVE2CHANGE", but since we added a fourth person to our team, we figured that "MOTIVE4CHANGE" made a much better name.  It certainly makes a lot more sense, given that there are four of us! 

Yes, myself and my three friends, JOSHUA, CARINE, and JONATHON (of which I am easily considered to be the old guy of the group) have been doing an Internet show for the past month and a half, and can you believe that we're on episode number six already?

As it so happened, the original airdate of the sixth episode of our series aired yesterday, which coincidentally happened to be Mother's Day.  So, naturally, when we were plotting ideas for future shows, we wanted to have a related topic for that week.

So, I now present to you, episode #6 of "

Episode #6 - PARENTAL INFLUENCES (5/11/2014)

I hope you liked the little bloopers that we tacked on at the beginning and end of the video.  You just never know exactly what we're going to say!

And, of course, I mean everything that I say in the episode.  I do appreciate everything that my parents have done for me, even though I have a difficult time showing it on occasion.  I certainly do wish my parents had taught me how to be more assertive towards others.  And, I guess I can say that I am happy that I grew up in a family in which cuss words weren't as taboo as other places because in a way it helped me be more accepting towards others.  Though, I still admit that I very rarely cuss as a result of it because in a way, I'm still trying to rebel against them even though I'll be turning 33 later this week. 

Of course, since we only had a limited amount of time to speak about our families in the broadcast, there are a few additional things that I want to add.

In regards to my own parents, I want to make this clear right here and right now...even though they don't use the Internet and probably couldn't find this blog anyway.  These are some final thoughts to them from me.

First, I am not a 20 Questions game.  I do appreciate that you are inquisitive people, and I think that I inherited that trait from both of you.  But when you go rapid fire on me and ask me twelve questions in twelve is AGGRAVATING!  I don't mind you asking me questions, and in most cases, I'd love to give you an answer...but just don't ask me so fast!

Secondly, I readily admit that I am the youngest in the family.  But I also want to remind you both that I am nearly 33.  Not 3.  I am capable of making my own decisions and my own thoughts, and while I will appreciate your feedback on some things, I am at the age where I need to make my own choices and I need to make my own mistakes.  Just trust me enough to know that I can handle most anything that comes my way.  That's all I ask.

And, finally...and most importantly...thanks for being my parents.  I love you both!

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