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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Who Am I Wednesday - The Debut!

All right.  I've been keeping this secret from you long enough.  It's time to reveal the second brand new theme day that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.  It's a theme day that I have purposely kept from you because I didn't want to spoil all of the secrets at once.  And besides...once I explain what this theme day is, I'm hoping that the secrecy was well worth it.

Welcome to the very first edition of "WHO AM I WEDNESDAY"!

Now, here's the $64,000 question.  What exactly IS Who Am I Wednesday?

Well, this is a day that is going to work as a bit of a game of sorts.  It'll be a combination between a diary entry and the board game "Guess Who?"

You see...while I was doing research on my blog for previous entries, somehow I happened to stumble upon the personal thoughts of your favourite musicians, TV stars, movie stars, fictional characters from books, TV, and film, and even cartoon characters!

(Well, all actuality, these are diary entries that I myself have written as if I were the characters themselves.  But the part about doing the research on the characters is one hundred per cent true!)

Yes, Who Am I Wednesday is a chance for me to really channel my creative side and take on the writing styles and personality traits of some of your favourite people (real or make-believe), WITHOUT revealing who the character is.  I'll drop a few hints here and there, and if possible, I'll try not to reveal too much blatant information.  I won't reveal a city name (e.g. New York City), but I might mention landmarks or street names).  I'll also try not to mention actual proper names, but sometimes I may not have much of a choice.

And, sometimes I'll really throw you off the track by putting a date from the'll really make you think harder as to who the person might be.

Now, each 'Who Am I' diary entry will feature one of the following categories.


(I'm trying to keep it pop culture oriented for now.  If this is a success, I'll add more categories.)

Now, I won't reveal who the character is just yet.  I'll give you readers a chance to solve the puzzle for yourselves first.  The first person to solve the puzzle will get their name mentioned in the blog for next week.  I wish I could offer more of a prize for you, but I am not rich enough to be able to do that every week.  At least...not yet, anyway.

So, shall we begin with the very first edition of WHO AM I WEDNESDAY to get things started?

Okay, just to make it easy, this first one will feature a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.  And, it looks like this first entry goes back quite a bit.  The question is...WHO AM I?

January 20, 1993

You know, I'm sitting here in my bedroom watching the lights shining across the city.  They really are beautiful.  Especially around that building that is shaped like one gigantic triangle.  I think they call it something like the Transatlantic or Transvestite or some sort of building that starts with the word Trans.  I knew I shouldn't have cut geography class with Kathy Santoni today.  That girl's going to get me in a lot of trouble.

Anyway, I'm sitting here eating what's left of my birthday cake.  Yes, yesterday I turned sixteen years old, and my cake was made out of hash browns and ketchup.  Not exactly the best flavor combination for a cake, but it was sort of made at the last minute.

In fact, my whole party was kind of a last minute thing.  I suppose it can't be helped, given that my best friend actually forgot my birthday! 

Oh, I have to tell you, I was so angry with her last night.  And it wasn't because she forgot my birthday (although I have to admit I was mad over her for that as well).  It was because she thought that I was jealous of her new boyfriend.  I mean, how could she have said such a thing?  I supported them when they got together when we went away on that summer long trip to Spain we both went to.  I think that he's a great guy, and I was so happy that my friend found someone she really liked.  That's what hurt the most over the whole thing.  I'm glad that she found love.  I just missed spending time with her.  She was spending so much time with her boyfriend that I felt like I was competing against him to spend time with my best friend.

We had a really long talk, and she eventually apologized and we're now making plans to go to the mall next week where she will be treating me to a real birthday celebration.  And, as much as I was angry at her for saying such things, I know that it'll take a lot more than that to break up our friendship.

And to be honest, I know that my friend really tried.  When she invited me to her house (which as you know is right next door to mine), she did attempt to throw me a party.  Though, I should have caught on when I saw all the Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July decorations hanging up all over the place.  But I was also told by everyone there that my birthday was such a special day that it should have been made a holiday.  And yeah, I totally bought into it.

And all of her family were there to try and cheer me up.  There was Mr. T, Hairboy, the two Squirts also known as her sisters, and that guy who always talks with that woodchuck puppet.  All of them were there, and they really tried.  Even though it was a mercy party, I like the fact that they tried.  They make it out as though I am a nuisance all the time, and they act really annoyed whenever I come by.  Maybe they really do care for me after all?

And hey, it's not the first time that a birthday party for me has been wrecked.  I completely remember my 12th birthday when I brought these two dumb girls from a junior high school who totally brainwashed me into abandoning my best friend...only for them to ditch me at the mall when they met two guys.  I suppose my friend didn't really appreciate me going around school the next day telling everybody that she was a 'geekburger'.

Sheesh.  Geekburger.  How old was I when I made THAT remark?

Anyway, through it all, I think our friendship will survive.  We became really close when her mom was killed in that car accident six years ago, and we've been inseparable ever since.  And she's really been on my side through all of the wacky things we've gone through.  She stuck by me when I accidentally handcuffed her to her little sister.  

Or the time that we got in trouble for cutting school to get some autograph from some forgettable star from the '80s.  I think her name was Stacey Q?  Oh, and there was also the time that I accidentally threw their living room television over the staircase railing.  We won't get into that.

The point is that through all of the fights we had, we always make up.  And, I think that we're going to continue to do exactly that.  To me, she's like a sister to me.  I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't in my life.  I don't even want to think of how my life would have gone had she not been there.

Maybe there is such a thing as guardian angels.  And maybe mine just happens to be named Donna Jo.

Anyway, I should probably get to bed so that I have enough energy to power nap through geometry class tomorrow.  And, I still don't understand why my parents got me an entire case of Odor Eaters foot powder.  Are they trying to tell me something? 

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