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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Border Security - My Latest Obsession

I have to tell you, I have a new obsession in my life.  And yes, it happens to be related to the boob tube, so to speak.

Funny thing is that this is a type of show that if it were on any other subject, I would never ever watch it. 

I have never really been a huge fan of documentary style programs for the most part.  There are exceptions of course (there has not been an episode of "Behind the Music" or "True Hollywood Story" that I have not liked), but I find most documentaries to be really dry and boring.

I know some people absolutely love watching IMAX documentaries, BBC nature specials, and "The Nature of Things" on the CBC, but I couldn't be bothered with watching any of it.  When I was in school and we had to watch these sorts of things, I was always the kid who would not pay attention to the movie, and instead spent the time reading comic books at my desk.

(Trust me, I found a way to do it - even in the dark.  The trick is to always grab a desk that is next to a window.)

So, imagine my surprise when I announce that my latest television obsession is a documentary style program.  I wouldn't exactly call it a reality program, but it does take one into the world of a particular career that is definitely a lot more challenging than I thought initially.  It is also a show that shows how different each country is when it comes to screening tourists, immigrants, and even incoming mail.

Yes, I am addicted to the television series "Border Security". 

And by all accounts, I really shouldn't be.  I have no interest in working customs in the slightest, and honestly, I lack the personality needed to confront some of the most blatant lawbreakers in society.

(Or, in other words, I have no balls to confront people.  At least I'm being honest.)

But watching this show on a couple of travel channels here in Canada, I have to say that I am absolutely hooked!

Canada has its own version of the show "Border Security", and it has aired on Global since 2012.  But many don't realize that the show "Border Security" originated in another country exactly eight years earlier.

The original "Border Security" show debuted in Australia in the year 2004 on the Seven Network - a country which probably has some of the strictest guidelines when it comes to travel and post protocol.

It makes sense if you think about it.  Australia is one of the largest island nations in the entire world, and its border security needs to be on guard at all times.  Obviously the job of anyone who protects a country's borders is to keep the citizens safe against terrorism, illegal drug smuggling, and other criminal acts.  But Australia also has its very own ecosystem, and the country has strict laws regarding the importation of food, plant, and animal matter.  After all, it can just take one diseased product to cripple the Australian economy. 

And I have to say...while I do love the Canadian version of the show, I prefer the original version from Australia better.  For one, it's good to see how diligent people are at their jobs.  It goes to show just how well trained and well prepared border security agents are at their jobs - in both Australia and Canada, at least, as those are the only two versions of the show that I've seen.  I also want to visit the country of Australia at some point in my life, and watching this show gives me a better idea of what to do and what not to do in order to get through customs quickly and easily.

And, hey...I can't resist an Aussie accent.  What can I say?

In fact, I think that rather than tell you what the show is all about, why not show you instead?

To end this blog off, I thought that I would offer up a five-episode marathon for you that I discovered from YouTube.  Sit back and enjoy!

Season9, Episode 1

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