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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Are you ready for another edition of the Saturday Smorgasbord?  I certainly hope so, because I have a very cool topic up for discussion. 

Because I chose to use the first week of March as a bit of a departure from the Saturday Smorgasbord by talking about something that was bugging me, all the Smorgasbord weeks have been pushed back a week.  I guess I'm just lucky that March has five Saturdays in it.

Confused?  I'm sorry.

Okay, let's clarify this a bit.  I am going to be talking about a video game in this blog entry.  And, this is a video game that combines two of my favourite things.  It combines puzzles and drawing.

But wait.  How can you draw and solve puzzles at the same time?  And, on a video game screen, no less?

Oh, there are definitely ways.  Why, just take a look at the Nintendo DS console.  If you want to play puzzle games on a video game screen, the Nintendo DS has a whole lot of options available!  I suppose one popular option for a puzzle game is the game cartridge that allows you to play Sudoku.  And, yes, Sudoku can be a lot of fun and a big challenge to complete...but Sudoku is not the subject of today's blog.  There are only so many combinations that you can arrange the numerals of 1-9 in, and's very difficult to make a substantial blog posting on Sudoku.

Well, what about a word search?  Sometimes there are video games that allow you to find words and use your DS stylus to circle them on the puzzle board.  And, admittedly, I am someone who doesn't mind a good word search.  But somehow when you convert it into a video game, it doesn't really work.

And, don't even get me started on video game crossword puzzles.  I can't even finish a crossword puzzle in the newspaper, let alone a video game!

So, what's left?  Hmmm...I have quite a sizeable collection of Nintendo DS games available.  Let's take a look.

Hmmm...what about this game?  "Scribblenauts"? 

Yes!  That's it!  I want to do a blog entry on Scribblenauts!

But, just exactly what is Scribblenauts?  Glad you asked!  It's a game that was first released on the Nintendo DS console in September 2009, and as I explained earlier, it's a video game that blends puzzles with drawing.

Though, I should note that in this technically don't get to do the drawing.  The drawings are already done for you by the main character of the game, who is named Maxwell.

How you access the drawings is simple.  If you click on the draw logo, you'll be taken to a screen in which you can type in a word or words.  Once you finish typing the word, Maxwell will draw the image, and you can then use the item to help you solve the puzzle.

For instance, if you're trying to climb up to an upper level, all you need to do to draw a ladder is type in the word ladder, and a ladder will magically appear on screen.  Then all you would have to do is arrange the ladder to where you want it, and go from there.

You can even combine objects together to make a sort of chain reaction.  Suppose you have to cross a chasm, and you find that a rope is not working.  Well, if you draw a tree, and tie the rope around the tree, you might be able to swing across the pit.

The number of combinations are endless.  And at the end of this blog entry, I'll share some of the strangest things that you can ever draw on Scribblenauts.

NOTE:  You cannot type in profanity on Scribblenauts.  If you do, you might end up getting a picture of a donkey or a chicken.  After all, the game is manufactured for Nintendo, which is more or less the family gaming system.

Your job is to use Maxwell's drawings to try and solve different puzzles.  And, the puzzles involve everything from transporting a puppy across a river, to figuring out what kind of present to give at a wedding reception, to defending somebody against a bully. 

Yeah, that's one of the positive aspects of Scribblenauts.  In most cases, the scenarios are very realistic...though there are some that are way out there.  You'll quickly find that out as you play through the levels.

Now, each level has a particular task that you have to do.  In some puzzles, there is only one solution, but in other tasks, there could be more than one way to solve each puzzle.  For instance, if your task were to give the child a treat on Halloween, you could give them the most logical thing, which would be a piece of candy.  Or, you could give them a puppy, a car, a toy, or even a bomb if you like.

(Just be warned.  If the bomb explodes and knocks out the trick-or-treater, it's game over.)

Yes, that's right.  If you fail to succeed in any puzzle, and a pivotal part of the puzzle gets injured, broken, or's game over for you, and you'll have to try again.

Now, if you happen to solve the puzzle, you can earn a star shaped token called a Starite, and the more Starites you earn, the further you can move in the game.  And with there being 220 different levels in the game, you're going to need every single one!

Once you have the puzzle mode mastered, you can try the side-scrolling action mode, which will take what you learned in the puzzle mode and use it to collect all the starites in the level.  You might have to open up boxes, destroy items in the way, or be creative with ropes and ladders.  Good luck!

And, now for the moment you have all been waiting for.  It's time to list all of the cool things you can draw on Scribblenauts.  I've tested all of these myself and needless to say, you can have a lot of fun with these objects.

Here's my list.

1.  KEYBOARD CAT - You know that little video that is floating around the Internet that shows a cat playing a keyboard?  Oh, it is!

Well, you can draw a keyboard cat in Scribblenauts.  Mind you, it serves no purpose in the game, but it's cool that you can have one, if you wanted one.

2.  PHILOSORAPTOR - Yes, you can bring in a dinosaur to make your game more fun. 

3 - RICKROLL - You may have heard this term describing a particular British male singer and his biggest hit.  Oh, it is below.

Well, apparently if you enter this term into Scribblenauts, you can make Rick Astley appear in your game.  He doesn't sing though.

4 - GIANT ENEMY CRAB - Exactly how it's described.

5 - EPIC FAIL - Yes, you can really find out what "epic fail" would look like if you type it in.  It comes in the form of a nuclear weapon.  And, be very careful with it false move, and you can blow up the whole landscape!

6 - EPIC WIN - On the flipside, entering this code in will net you a Starite!  Well, not a REAL one.  Just a facsimile.  Because that code would be cheating.

7 - ANON - Will allow you to draw a human invisible one, but a human being, nonetheless.

8 - ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US - One of the biggest translation fails in video game history comes to you in Scribblenauts!  Only in this game, it brings up a futuristic robotic bunker type thing.

9 - YOUR FACE - Draws a face.  Pretty straight forward.

10 - CHUTHLU - Draws a gigantic green monster that eats everything and anything in its path.

11 - GOD - If ever you need protection, you can enter this code in, and God will come and protect you!

12 - DEVIL - The exact opposite of God!

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