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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Dry-Erase Board Solution

You know, I drew the Professor Plum card for this week's Whatever Wednesday entry, and this means that I have to do a diary entry for today's piece.  That's cool.  Fair enough.  I've since recovered from that horrible cold I had last week, and my voice is finally back after temporarily disappearing for a little spell.

But being sick with the cold had me thinking...what if I had lost my voice on a day in which I was supposed to do a video diary entry?  What would I have done?

Oh, sure, I could have done something like write the diary entry instead.  It wouldn't have been that difficult.  But I wanted to do something a little more creative.  Something that would be unexpected.

And, then as I was wandering through the office supply section of the store I work hit me.  These series of "selfies" will tell the tale...


  1. Matt,

    What I love most about this post is how much of your personality it actually shows. A wonderful idea, tell more stories with it, it was amusing!

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