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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

They Say Not Making Up Is Hard To Do...

Welcome to another edition of the Whatever Wednesday!

And once again, I have decided to do a video blog.  I suppose it's easy to do, given that I've drawn the PROFESSOR PLUM card.  I tell you, I seem to be drawing that card an awful lot this month.

But what the hey.  I love doing video blogs.

And, you know, one thing that I want to point out when I do these video blogs is that I don't put a whole lot of effort into making myself look movie star ready.  I mean, I'll just put it out there.  I'm filming this blog entry in my bedroom, I have a two-day-old beard on my face, and I'm wearing a $7 yellow T-shirt from Walmart and khakis made by Wrangler.

(Though, admittedly you can't see the assured I am wearing them.)

And the reason why I'm admitting this is because I do very simple grooming when it comes to my personal appearance.  And, in a way, that admission - coupled with a recent trend that I am experiencing on my social network pages - is what inspired this post.

This post is all about beauty.  And, while Courtney Thorne-Smith once pitched cosmetics once upon a time...I ask the question...are all those cosmetics really needed?

EPILOGUE 1:  The Doritos story I referenced in this blog deals with a news story coming out of Canada where a couple reportedly found mouse droppings inside a bag of snack sized Nacho Cheese Doritos.  Aren't you glad you're reading this blog on an empty stomach?

At least I hope so.

EPILOGUE 2:  I still won't reveal what colour my underwear is.  But I can tell you that it's not orange, pink, purple, or yellow.  I own none in those colours.  Not that I really needed to share that info, but it'll keep you guessing.

If you care.

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