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Saturday, November 15, 2014

All About Kim's Bass, About Kim's Bass, No Kiddin'

So, Kim Kardashian has a new cover out that has everybody talking.

Yes, by now, I am sure that you have seen photos of the latest issue of "Paper Magazine" (which admittedly is a publication that I have never even heard of, but that is another topic altogether).  On the cover, it shows the most famous (or infamous, if you'd like) of the Kardashian family stripping everything off and posing for the camera in both full frontal and full rear shots.

(NOTE:  I have inserted the censored version of the cover for this blog.  Just Google for the real cover, just in case any four year olds happen to come across it.  Hey, with the amount of tablets and iPads I sell to parents of small children, you never know, right?)

It is the cover that boasted that it would "break the Internet".  And well, I can't say for sure if it really did just that.  But I can tell you that it certainly had the Internet talking about it.

And, well, let us just say that some of the people responding to the cover were not exactly kind.

But then again, can one really say that Kim Kardashian is really considered to be someone who gets a lot of online love from the general public?  Lately it seems as though people seem to jump on the "I Hate Kim Kardashian" bandwagon because it almost seems like the cool thing to do. 

Although in some cases, I can see where she has somewhat made herself her own punchline in the jokes of comedians, late night talk show hosts, and other celebrities.  After all, this is the same woman who first got herself noticed via a sex tape that was leaked to the media in 2007 filmed four years prior.

This is the same woman who married a basketball player and divorced him less than three months later.

This is the same woman who named her child after a compass direction. 

Okay.  I'll be honest.  Those jokes just write themselves.  And yeah, admittedly I have laughed at some of the jokes.  In particular with a meme floating around Facebook and Twitter stating that they had a photo of Kim's ass, and it ended up being a picture of Kanye West.

(Though to be fair, my poking fun at this meme is less of an attack on Kim Kardashian and more of an attack on Kanye West, who I will openly admit is one of the handful of celebrities that I cannot stomach.)

But in my opinion, there is a difference between making a couple of light-hearted jokes about a situation and being flat out mean and cruel.  And, well...some people on social media don't seem to understand that there is a fine line between kidding around and being as big of an ass as...well...yeah, you can insert your own thoughts here.

Look, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not understanding what the huge deal is with the Kim Kardashian cover.  Kim is hardly the first celebrity to pose nude for a cover shot, and I definitely will tell you that she won't be the last.  I mean, I seem to recall there being as much discussion about a cover that Demi Moore did nearly twenty-five years ago where she posed nude while being pregnant.  Here.  I'll post that cover below.

Now, this was back in 1991, and admittedly society was a lot more conservative back in the early 1990s as it is now.  But, I don't really see anything wrong with the Demi Moore cover.

And, frankly...while many may not agree with me...I don't see anything wrong with Kim Kardashian's cover shot either. 

I mean, even though I showed a censored version of the cover, I've seen the original one, and I am not offended by it at all.  Mind you, I would never purchase that magazine just to get my hands on the cover because A) Kim Kardashian isn't one of my favourite celebrities and B) I would NEVER pay ten dollars for a magazine.  A comic book maybe, but a magazine?  Never.

Many people seem to be reacting to this story as if this is the first time that this has ever happened, but we all know that isn't true.  I just posted an example up above!  And, hey, how many Playboy centerfolds have appeared nude?  I don't have a list, but I am sure that there are plenty.  I mean, the idea that she is showing her badonkadonk in full view on a cover isn't exactly original.

I am sort of surprised that it did seem to take center stage in world news.  I don't really think it's anything newsworthy to be honest.  It isn't as if she cured cancer, or landed on a comet, or became the President of the United States of America.  She took off her clothes, posed for a camera, and submitted those shots to a magazine which published them.  As have thousands of women before her.

But, hey.  I suppose that she did set out what she wanted to do.  Get people talking.  Heck, I'm guilty of it right now by devoting a whole blog to the subject.  But at the very least, I'm trying to keep it tactful and I am trying not to humiliate her.  I'm telling you, some of the comments that I have seen on social media have been brutal from people telling her that she is ugly to people actually telling her that she should die!  And, I don't care how famous one is.  Those comments hit below the belt and are uncalled for.

Look, I get that many people are questioning why or how Kim Kardashian ever became famous (and well, I openly admit to being one of those people).  But anyone who can start up their own line of cosmetics and perfumes, as well as being able to handle the pressures of filming a television show (okay, so it's a not-great reality show, but still it's something)...well, she's done more than I have ever done and is reaping the rewards because of it.  I can't fault her for that. 

And while I'm not exactly going to be keeping up with the Kardashians any time soon, I think it is also important to realize that Kim is only human like the rest of us.  She makes decisions the same way we make them.  She makes mistakes the same way we make mistakes.  And, well...again, I may be making an unpopular comment, but I don't think it is funny to publicly humiliate anyone on a public forum just because of something they did or didn't do.  And whether these nasty comments are brought out by jealousy, anger, or just plain trolling is irrelevant.  It isn't cool to be mean.  Period.  And that goes for whether you are famous or an average Joe/Jane.

Though, I must say...if I ever have kids, I am avoiding names that sound like directions

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