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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Looniest Laws Ever!

So, did you hear the one about Winnie-the-Pooh being banned from Poland?

Well, okay, he technically isn't being banned from the entire country of Poland.  Just one small town. 

Oh bother!

What prompted the residents of Tuszyn, Poland to come up with such a radical decision?  Did they not like honey?  Did they not like the book written by A.A. Milne?  Did they not approve of the friendships that the bear had with a grouchy rabbit, a hyperactive tiger, and a chronically depressed donkey?

No, it all has to do with Winnie's appearance.  Apparently they banned him from the town because he likes to walk around without the common decency to put on underwear.  Or, pants for that matter.

I can see how this would have merit, had Winnie-the-Pooh been a middle aged man.  But, get real.  He's a cartoon character.  One of many who don't feel a need to wear trousers.  And yet, the people who are instituting the ban feel that it is inappropriate for Winnie to be showcased anywhere in their town, saying that the bear is dressed inappropriately, and even resorting to calling the poor bear a hermaphrodite!

Oh bother, indeed.

I'm being absolutely serious about this too.  It is an actual law that this Polish town is actively pursuing.  Read the article HERE.  It's from NBC News, so I am certain that the source is valid.

But it got me thinking.  What other looney laws are there that exist in various places?  What sorts of laws could you be breaking right now and not even be aware that you are because of the laws being outdated, not making any sense, or being just plain stupid?

That's what this blog is all about.  We're going to take a look at some of the LOONIEST LAWS all over North America, at least.  If this entry is successful, I may do a part two down the road with a global twist.

Okay, so are we ready to take a look at some of these laws?  I'll get to them in a second right after I credit,, and for the information found in this blog.  And, I am only going under the assumption that these laws are one hundred per cent truthful.  If any of you out there can debunk any of these laws, please let me know in the comments!  Thanks!

1.  It is illegal to fall asleep inside of a restaurant in the state of Kentucky.  So, no KFC slumber parties, okay?

2.  In the District of Columbia, taxi cabs must be equipped with a broom and a shovel.  Okay, the shovel I understand, as D.C. does occasionally get snow.  But what's the broom for?  Street sweeping?

3.  In the community of Walden, New York, you may not give anybody a drink of water unless you have a legal permit.  So, I am assuming that the whole community is on lockdown now.

4.  You cannot leave a rain puddle in your front yard for more than twelve hours in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Better get those straws ready.

5.  No dancing cheek to cheek in the city of Compton, California!  I guess it's a good thing that "Dancing With The Stars" doesn't shoot there!

6.  Comic books that depict illegal acts are reportedly banned in some parts of Canada.  Could I be a criminal and not know it?  Some of those Life With Archie comics were questionable...

7.  Also in Canada, it is illegal to kill a sick person by scaring them.  Don't ask how that is even possible.

8.  It is also prohibited to use dice for playing craps in some parts of Canada.  Which leads to the question...what do they use?  The spinner from Life?  Indian rubber balls from the old Lotto machines?

9.  If your cat gets stranded on a tree branch in Oshawa, Ontario, he's pretty much screwed.  There's an edict that makes it illegal to climb trees there.

10.  You may not give a moose any sort of alcoholic beverage in Alaska.  Which is common sense, really.

11.  Mind your P's and Q's if you're playing mini golf in Long Beach, California.  There's a law against swearing!

12.  Obedience schools are technically considered to be a taboo in Hartford, Connecticut.  Dogs are not allowed to be educated.

13.  If you plan on jumping out of a plane in Florida and you happen to be female, you better be exchanging vows with someone on the plane.  Single ladies do not have the freedom to wear parachutes...especially on Sundays.

14.  It is illegal to wear nothing but swim trunks in public in the state of Hawaii.  So, all those people on the beach need to put on some clothes and Hawaii Five-Oh must be the most scandalous show ever.

15.  The anti-smoking campaign is really hard core in South Bend, Indiana.  You can't even give a monkey a cigarette there!

16.  On again, off again relationships are frowned upon in Kentucky.  You can only marry and remarry the same man a total of four times.

17.  Randy Newman may love L.A., but he may not have much love for the state of Maryland.  His song "Short People" is allegedly banned from all Maryland radio stations!

18.  Michigan law states that a woman's hair legally belongs to her husband!  Apparently, she gets to keep the rest of her body.

19.  Nebraska must have seen its share of bad 1980s hair.  In that state, moms are not allowed to give their daughters a home perm without a permit!

20.  If you're sick in Asheville, North Carolina, don't go out in public.  Sneezing on city streets is illegal!

21.  Going to church in South Carolina?  Better bring your gun!  It's not only a constitutional's the law to have a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other!

22.  Because the Encyclopedia Britannica reportedly holds a formula for making beer, the series is banned in Texas.

23.  Utah is apparently the state where birds can roam free.  They have the right of way on all major highways!

24.  St. Croix, Wisconsin has an interesting law.  No woman is allowed to wear the colour red in public!

25.  Oh yeah.  Don't lip lock on a train car in Wisconsin.  It's illegal.

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