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Friday, March 20, 2015

Random Observations...

How can it be called Entertainment Tonight, when they keep talking about non-entertaining events that happened two Wednesdays ago?

If Sandra Oh were alive in the 1800's and married John Deere, would she then be known as Sandra Oh Deere?

And, then if she divorced John Deere, and married Jack Lord, would she then be known as Sandra Oh Deere Lord?

If Candy Crush Saga was an Olympic sport, there would be a shortage in gold medals.

Shouldn't Bart Simpson be in his thirties by now?

In real life, Garfield would have died sometime in 1995.

In real life, Archie and Jughead would be collecting social security, and Betty and Veronica would be drinking Ensure at the nursing home.

It's funny that characters on teen shows can stay in high school for six or seven years and yet nobody seems to think anything of it.

It is realistic to make a 34 year old play a 15 year old on screen...some 34 year olds I know ACT like they're 15 or less.

About the show Perfect lasted eight seasons. You'd think that after season two, they'd no longer BE strangers...

I'd like to see a 1000 items or less line at the supermarket checkout...just to see if anyone notices.

If they're supposedly America's Next TOP model...why do we never hear anything about them?

If Toonie Tuesdays at KFC keep going up in price, they'll soon be known as Five-Dollar Fridays.

Super Mario can shoot fireballs, fly through the air, gobble up mushrooms at any given time, ride a dinosaur, kick some turtle shells, become a statue, swim like a frog, and travel through outer space, yet he STILL can't protect Princess Peach. If I were Peach, I'd have walked away a long time ago.

If fourteen games have been released, how can you call it a FINAL fantasy?

Things I learned from viewing soap operas...if you send your five year old son up to bed on a Friday, he'll return on a Monday, aged 27 and married.

Can a person still be called an American Idol if they were raised in Texas but born in Canada?

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