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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Real Life Wacky Packages!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about Wacky Packages.  You remember?  Those stickers that featured MAD Magazine style spoofs on some of your favourite household products and turned them into wacky products that one would likely never use in their real homes.

Well, this might surprise some of you, but believe it or not there are some real life Wacky Packages out there in this world.

Seriously, just type in the words "funny food packaging" on Google and you will come up with dozens of examples of food products that look amazingly like those classic Wacky Packages cards that kids used to collect and trade.

Here's the kicker.  These products are 100% real.

Now, some of them are just mistakes in translation.  A lot of the examples that I found happen to be from overseas (specifically Asia), and they are probably delicious products on the inside, but the packaging just makes them the worst things ever created - even worse than some of the dishes prepared on "Hell's Kitchen"!

And some of them are just as bad as they sound.

I've scourged the Internet for examples of these in action (giving credit to pixgood, powderfulengalish, funnypictures, boredpanda, deadstate, crazyhyena and newslinq for the images presented in this post), and I have found twelve examples of REAL LIFE WACKY PACKAGES!

Get ready to be grossed out!

1.  I can't say that my own grandmother tasted like Black Raspberry homemade jam...but who knows?  Maybe somewhere out there are fruit flavoured grandmothers.  Not that I am willing to conduct any research on that.

2.  I wonder what kind of recipe goes into making "Soup for Sluts"?

3.  You know, of all the things that the manufacturers of this pasta could have named this dish after, why would they go with boobs?  I can't say I've ever seen any that look like THAT!

4.  Um...yeah...I think I'm gonna pass on that one.

5.  Oh, yeah...nothing says hydration and energy quite like a nice dose o' booty sweat...

6.  Who the heck came up with this name?!?  Is it because the tea smells like a urinal cake?

7.  Anyone want to take a stab at how much nutrisweet they add to this stuff to make it "diet" water?

8.  Those are either the most complicated spoons I have ever seen, or someone at one of the Walmart processing plants fell asleep at the assembly line.

9.  I'm only assuming that this is a knockoff of the Mars bar.  But seriously, we had seven other planets that could have been selected for a name!  Why pick the controversially named one?

10.  So, basically, that can contains air.  Good to know.

11.  I don't know what is worse.  The fact that this is for butt massages, or the fact that Paula Deen is endorsing it.

12.  Say it with me folks.  EWWWWWWWW!!!  

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