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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Getting My Mojo Back

So, I started my new job a couple of days ago.

Okay, okay.  Yes, I am still employed with the company that I have been a part of for the last few years, so technically it's not a new job.  It's just in a new section of the store I work at.

Technically, my main job is looking after your hardware needs, but I will also be looking after sporting goods and potentially seasonal merchandise as well.  They are all in the same area of the store, and I will likely have to cover all of these areas on days in which there is nobody else around (which admittedly happens quite often).  But to be perfectly honest with you, I really don't think I'm going to mind that much.  The last couple of days have been really good, and my stress levels are way down from when I was in my previous department, so this is definitely a good sign.

Still, I have a few nervous twitches that I have to work out before I feel fully comfortable with my area.

Such as the fact that I do not have the product knowledge to even recommend anything to customers, nor do I even know how to even use half of the items for sale in my area.

Of course, when I was in the electronics department, I knew nothing about how anything worked there either, and now I consider myself to be a semi-expert on the subject.

(Is that even a word?  Semi-expert?)

I also knew nothing about how to plant things and grow things when I was sent over to the Garden Centre area, and I managed to make it work.

I am confident that this new area will be easy to pick up as well.  I seem to be handling things well so far, at least. 

And really, that's all that matters in the long run.  Having some sort of stability and stress-free environment.

I haven't really had that for quite a while. 

There was a time - quite recently, matter of factly - where things were completely unbalanced.  Both my work life and my personal life were completely screwed up and I had absolutely no idea how to go about fixing it.  And part of the reason why this was the case was because of the fact that everything was going wrong all at once.

I couldn't deal with the high-stress environment of my previous department.  I was experiencing a moment in which I had just had enough of once solid friendships that had turned toxic.  And I absolutely hated my neighbours.  Less said about that lot, the better.

But things are starting to get back to normal - or, as normal as normal can be, I suppose.  I'm in a new area of the store that isn't as stressful as the last one (at least not right now), and I've cut out a lot of the toxic people from my life who were just bringing me down.  That improved my mood a lot!  As for my neighbours...well...I still hate every single one of them.  However, with everything else in my life being balanced, the next step is doing everything in my power to escape this building once and for all.

2015.  The year of change.  Bring it on.

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