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Thursday, February 05, 2015

You're Watching WHAT on TV?!?

You know, it's been a long time since I have done a blog entry about funny things that I've discovered on the Internet, and I thought that today was as good a time as any to write one.

I can't explain how I came up with the topic, but I can tell you that I have seen instances in which this has happened.

Those of you who own cable and satellite boxes know that when you are on the channel menu on your television set, it gives the name of the show, the channel it happens to be on, and a brief description of what the television show or movie is all about.  Whether you have Cogeco, Bell, Rogers, DirecTV, Comcast, or heck, maybe even Netflix has this feature as well, you know that sometimes when you're trying to choose a show, the tiny two sentence description can be the deciding factor in choosing what you will watch that night.

So, in other words, the program description has got to catch your eye.

But sometimes, the people who write the program synopses for each show may struggle with what to write, and they may write something that comes across as being wrong, funny, offensive, or just plain weird.

I still laugh at the time I came across a description for the TLC show "Sex Sent Me To The E.R." (which is a show title that basically writes itself), where the description read, "Couple does it in a department store window and man almost dies".

I don't know.  I found it funny, at least.

Anyway, here are 15 other examples of television show descriptions gone wrong.  A couple are from talk show captions, but the rest come from actual TV Guides and television and movie synopses found on television preview channels.

And I want to give credit to 11 Points, failblog, Huffington Post, Reddit, WTF Comcast, and College Humor for the images used today.

1.  I can only guess that someone at Comcast is NOT a Lindsay Lohan fan...

2.  Someone at TV Guide must have gone to one of Ellen's 12 Days Of Giveaways tapings!  

3.  Technically, this description is false.  Jim Carrey to my knowledge has never been African-American.  Still, this description is quite bold, wouldn't you say?

4.  Apparently, this dog resides on the Las Vegas Strip.

5.  That description could be for almost ANYTHING!

6.  Boy, America's Funniest Home Videos has changed a lot since Bob Saget hosted it!

7.  That could be ANY episode!!!

8.  I would think that Regina has good reason not to trust Bob!!!

9.  Most epic film synopsis ever.

10.  I'm just guessing that somehow they must have mixed up the descriptions for two programs.  Something tells me that if we go onto the next channel where a Horror Movie is airing, we might see that the serial killer lives on a diet of hash browns and belgian waffles.

11.  Wow, what a raunchy cartoon!

12.  I don't even know how to respond to this one!

13.  On one hand, seeing the inauguration of an American President and knowing that it is seven hours in length makes you want to switch to QVC.  On the other hand, seeing what the program might have to offer, I'm guessing that the inauguration proceedings have gotten a lot more liberal since Franklin D. Roosevelt took office.

14.  You know, technically the description is accurate when it comes to nudity.  When have you ever seen Big Bird, Elmo, and Oscar The Grouch wear clothes?

15.  I'm guessing those aren't Hot Wheels that Judy has been given.

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